What You Need To Know About Diesel Engine Maintenance


Whether you are using the engine to power your RV or pull it or to build a new store or keep it stocked, routine maintenance on your diesel engine can keep it working better for longer. There are many systems that determine the health and efficiency of your engine, including fuel, coolant, oil and air, each of which will have maintenance tasks for you to perform routinely.

Fuel System

A Detroit Diesel fuel system is designed to provide a powerful engine with enough diesel to get the job done. Some routine maintenance you can perform on this system includes changing the filter and using approved cleaners in the tank. It is important to remember that you will need to bleed out the air bubbles from the fuel system after changing the filter to avoid damaging the engine.


Coolant is a specific fluid designed to pull heat away from engine parts to avoid overheating, but as the fluid is heated cooled repeatedly, it can become more acidic and eat away at the systems with which it comes in contact. Dirt and other contaminants can also find their way into this fluid, causing further acidity and damage. It is a good idea to check the coolant on a regular basis and change it routinely.

Oil and Air

Oil and air filters will also need to be checked and changed on a regular basis to avoid buildups that can lead to your engine stalling or being damaged. With air filters, you can sometimes clean and replace them a couple of times before you need a new one. If the engine starts to stall, however, then the filter needs to be replaced. When you change your oil filter, it is a good idea to also change the oil. This prevents the fluid from becoming too dirty and vicious to properly do its job.


Keeping the fuel, air and oil clean are the best ways to prevent the buildup of harmful grime that can damage your engine. Exterior grime is common and should be cleaned away from the various systems to help you spot any cracks or other damage that could cause future failure.

Your diesel engine can do a lot of work and is a great investment for both industrial and home purposes. It needs routine maintenance for the best performance, and you can even extend the lifetime of your engine by making sure it has clean fuel, air and oil, the right coolant and good filters.

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