The Best Ideas to Help Couples Stay Connected


With busy lives and packed schedules, it can be all too easy for couples to lose touch with each other over time. The good news is that you don’t need special tools like directional couplers to regain your connected couple status. All you need is to agree to carve out a little time for yourselves at least once a week. With these easy suggestions, before you know it, you’ll be the envy of all your married friends again.

Schedule Lunch at Home

Everyone knows how easy it is to wolf down some food at your desk, but it isn’t good for your physical or mental health. Getting away from the office for a mid-day break can not only revive your energy, but it can reignite your romance. Try scheduling a lunch at home with your significant other whenever possible when no one else is there. Just remember to keep something to eat to regain your energy on the way back to the office.

Have a Date Night

Remember when you were first going out how you would try to impress each other? You would take the time to pick your most flattering outfit and plan the perfect date, anticipating seeing your partner in a fun or romantic setting. Recreate that excitement by having a dress-up date night. Showing your partner that playful and sexy side of you can do wonders for your relationship.

Trade-Off Playdates

If you have little ones, your days start early and stay hectic until you all drop into bed exhausted. Often, parents divide up to get children to their different activities. Plan your playdates strategically. Most parents are in the same boat and would appreciate some couple time, so schedule your playdates where you can trade off who hosts the kids so that you get that needed time to reconnect.

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