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A technical installation may be less effective because of its wear or its obsolescence. This is also true for filtration pumps. On this blog, we teach you to determine when it is necessary to replace your pump. You will also find an instruction manual for replacing your pump.

On this blog, we only mention the Speck filter pumps for series pools. If you have pumps of another series, they are probably comparable in many ways, but the companiescannot express themselves on this subject.

For the sake of clarity, we also provide you with an overview of the available filter pumps. For each model, we tell you which pools it is suitable for. With the right replace pool equipment you can make the changes.

When should you replace your filter pump?

The life of such a pump depends on various factors. However, it can be assumed that a pool pump will last on average 8 years.

When a leak appears between the motor part and the crankcase, it is necessary to replace the pump. A leak of this type is irreparable.

Is the filter pump stuck? Does it make more noise after restarting? If this is the case, the pump bearings should be broken. In this case too, you will need to replace the pump.

The thermal switch can sometimes fail. It’s not so bad in itself. But when this happens regularly over a short period, it means that the pump is worn out. In this case too, the only solution is to replace the filter pump.

When should you replace your filter pump?

How to replace my old pump with a new one?

  • Here you will find a checklist for replacing your filter pump.
  • First of all, make sure that the installation is at a standstill. Make sure that the filter pump is no longer energized.
  • Then completely close all the faucets of the technical installation.
  • The third step is to disconnect the old filter pump. PVC parts must be loosened both at the front and at the back.
  • Then remove the old pump and place the new one as prescribed. These are supplied with the pump. Make sure everything is tight. You will need to seal the PVC materials with glue and teflon.
  • Fill the pump pre-filter with water. This step is essential to avoid breaking the pump, because a filter pump should never run dry.
  • Finally, cancel the first 2 steps. Reopen all faucets and allow the installation to restart.

You notice it: replacing a pump is not that complicated in itself. Are you not sure of yourself? Then have your pool installer perform the replacement.

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