The Common Household Items That You Should Never Throw Down Your Toilet


People tend to view their toilets as a one-stop shop for plumbing-based disposal. But did you know there are some items that you shouldn’t flush down your toilet with? Some products or items can cause damage to your plumbing and clog your toilet. This could cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Let’s look at some common household items that you shouldn’t flush down your toilet.

Dental floss

The other debris that runs through the sewer lines can get into dental flush, which can lead to a buildup of debris inside the pipes and system. Floss can get caught up in moving parts and machinery, causing it break down.


Because tampons are smaller than pads, they are believed to be able to be flushed down the bathroom. Tampons are a common source of plumbing clogs. Tampons can expand when they come in contact with water, which can cause clogged drains or massive clogs within the sewer system. Put tampons in the garbage and don’t flush them down the toilet.

Flushable wipes

Yes, flushable wipes are the main cause of clogged toilets and pipes. Toilet paper doesn’t dissolve quickly, so flushable wipes can cause major clogs to your pipes. These can be thrown away or, better yet, you can stick to toilet paper.

Expired medication or other pills

Although it may seem common to flush out old medication and pills down the toilet, the chemicals in these pills can cause serious problems. They can break down metal pipes, or worse, leach into ground water or sewage systems. Call a pharmacy if you are unsure how to safely dispose of expired medication.


People believe that tissues and toilet paper can be flushed together because they are similar. However, tissue paper doesn’t dissolve like toilet paper so it is not possible to flush them down the toilet. This will cause plumbing problems over time. Instead, throw tissues in the trash.

Cotton balls and cotton ear swabs

Cotton balls and ear-swabs don’t break down the same way as plumbing-friendly toilet papers. Therefore, if you flush cotton balls or other swabs down the toilet, they will simply collect in the pipes and sewer system. This increases the likelihood of system and pipe clogs. Avoid flushing cotton balls or swabs down your toilet.


Ghettos with greasy feet or food high in fats and oils should not be flushed down the drain. They take forever to dissolve and, in the cases of grease and greasy food, it actually solidifies over time, which can cause serious clogs and require professional assistance.

Your human waste and toilet paper are the only items you should flush down the toilet. The rest of the stuff should be thrown away. We can help you with any plumbing problems, such as a clogged toilet. Call us today.

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