Maintenance Tips to Help You Call the Plumber Less Often


While it’s great to know that on-call plumbers like exist, you probably rather not have to call a plumber. Doing so means your home has a major problem that could cost quite a bit to repair.

Like most areas of a home though, your plumbing can benefit from regular maintenance. Following a few simple steps on a regular basis can keep a tiny leak from becoming a water heater flood. Here are a few quick plumbing tasks you can do yourself to create less of a need to phone the plumber for help.

  1. Each month, check the house’s plumbing for water leaks. Check the refrigerator, faucets, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and water heater. If you notice dampness in the cabinets, check the plumbing behind them, in them, and above or beneath them.
    2. Make early repairs to each problem you spot. Leaks can cause mold, mildew, and wear down the sink fixture, so addressing them quickly makes sense. You might just need a new icemaker or a washer for the sink.
    3. Learn where the main water supply shut-off valve is located and how to shut it off. Ensure that your spouse and older children also know this information so they can help out and shut off the water flow if a leak develops that creates gushing water from any plumbing.
    4. Learn how to shut off plumbing mechanisms and appliances, too. You should be able to turn off the water supply to each sink, the water heater, toilets, and washing machines as well as ice makers.
    5. Examine your pipes. You should know their material, installation dates, and construction methods. The galvanized iron pipes used pre-1970s can corrode and rust. When this happens the water pressure drops and water appears brown. This does require a plumber because you need new pipes.
    6. Take a do-it-yourself class at your local hardware store to learn how to deal with small problems. You should be able to replace a washer, spot a leak, use a plunger, and snake your own sewer as long as you have the tools. Opening a clogged drain yourself can save you lots of money. So can reattaching a broken gutter. You should learn how and when to wrap outdoor pipes for winter weather. This also applies to individuals in locations where the temperature rarely dips below freezing so they have only a fireplace or use a portable heater. You need to wrap interior pipes in this case.

Your at-home plumbing maintenance can help save you money over time. It will definitely reduce the number of times you have to call a plumber.

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