Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair


Just as you can repair a complete section of pipe in the chamber, you can also repair only a portion of the pipe that is damaged as sections. You can do so at any point along the section of pipe and repair it from 0.5m to 5- 6m in length. It can be done in the same way with continuous sections of 0.5m and 1m, until reaching the length to be repaired.

Structural Repair of Trenchless Pipe Sections

Some of the preliminary actions include:

  • Detection of leaks in the drinking water network
  • CCTV television inspection of sewer pipes and industrial drains
  • Rehabilitation of pipes
  • Water
  • Sewer drainage and industrial
  • Equipment for network control
  • Engineering and development of health network management projects

Precise technology is used to rehabilitate pipes without a trench, both for punctual or partial damage, as well as throughout the entire pipeline. This technology is adapted for use in different types of fluids. An analysis and diagnosis are usually carried out with CCTV inspection to later determine the type of rehabilitation and the replacement material of the pipe.

The Total Repair System

The Total Trenchless Pipe Repair System consists of 3 main steps:

  • Impregnation of the sleeve with resin and placement in the inversion drum
  • Inversion of the sleeve with air being perfectly installed inside the pipe
  • Drying of the resin by hot water, using a boiler

The Inspection

Trenchless pipe lining repair is done when a section of pipe between inspection chambers has only a few defects: breaks, disconnections, high level of infiltration at certain points, etc. The punctual repair works as a structural seal of these defects in the damaged area. Visual inspection provides an overview of the quality of the pipe section. A pressure test is a method that ensures a correct seal.

Silicate Resins

Silicate resins that are added to fiberglass.

  • The resin and fiberglass are inserted into the pipe by means of a packer.
  • Resin and fiberglass adhere to damaged pipe and cure at room temperature (0-40 ° C).


  • Chemically resistance prevents capillarity.
  • The fiberglass weave allows a rapid and uniform impregnation of the resin and a very high resistance to tensile stresses.

Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

With this trenchless pipe repair system, we can achieve substantial benefits in cost, time, and the inconvenience of trenching. These advantages are listed below:

  • Costs: Avoiding the opening of a ditch to change the tube, especially in urban areas.
  • Time: Considerable time savings in the execution of the work, compared to traditional repair or tube change techniques.

There are several annoyances derived from the opening of the ditch, such as the replacement of the pavement, derived waste, construction permits, inconvenience to neighbors, the existence of other services such as telephony or electrical network.


If you are looking for a good trenchless pipe repair, it is best to seek the expertise of a company like Brinks Services in your local area. Choose a company that aspires to excellence and quality work so that when the job is done, you know that it is done well.

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