Moving During The Holidays? Here Are 5 Tips That You Can Use

Moving and Relocating

Moving during the holidays is a big challenge. Thinking about stuffing your things into boxes while others are busy unloading their holiday decorations is already stressful; combined with all the careful planning and budgeting that you have to make? We understand how tiresome it could be for you, so we’ve prepared some tips that you can bear in mind to lessen your burden as you prepare for your home relocation.

Book a dependable moving company as soon as possible. Only a few moving companies could offer you relocation services during holidays, as most of their staff will probably take a few days off. Bear in mind that holiday moving will cost you more than moving on regular days, so make sure that you prepare your budget well. You can have an idea of how much you’ll be spending by asking the company for a moving estimate. You can ask for estimates on a company’s online website, but it would be much better if you invite them into your house so that you could have a more accurate calculation. There might also be hidden costs, such as extra charges for heavy labor, which could surface after the move so you better prepare for these as well. Pack your stuff early and properly. It is better to pack a few weeks before the move if you’re moving on a holiday so that you can have more time to spare for holiday preparations. Last-minute packing might cause you problems especially if you have forgotten to pack something. Packing long before your moving schedule could give you more time to assess the things that you’d be bringing with you. Make sure to label boxes properly so that you will have no trouble figuring out what’s in what box when unpacking. Ask help from your movers for packing delicate and important items. Prepare for weather changes. You cannot be certain about the weather for the day. It is a smart move to perform necessary preparations in case it changes. It is also favorable to have knowledge of the climate of the location you’re moving to, so that you can assess what possible weather conditions might occur there and help you gather the stuff that you might need along the way. Help your children adjust and prepare for the long move. Your kids could be stressed out by the idea of moving to another place and leaving their friends behind, plus all that packing that you have to do. Talk to them about the fresh experiences that they’ll be able to keep in this new adventure. Let them enjoy the holiday celebrations. Also, do not forget to secure your kids’ important documents beforehand if you pull them out of school. Enjoy the move! Starting afresh in a different place need not be scary if you only look at the new things that you can discover from your unfamiliar surroundings. With the right steps and a positive outlook, you can make moving a memorable experience for you and your family. Moving and Storage Company in Southwest Florida Florida’s Decorators Warehousing and Delivery, Inc. is a reliable company that would gladly cater your moving and storage needs with professional expertise. We are a customer-satisfaction driven company in Southwest Florida and have been serving surrounding areas, including Naples, Marco Island, Estero, Bonita Springs and Sanibel Island, with always our best efforts. Contact our staff at (239) 948-4550 for a free, no-obligations estimate.

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