How to Make Your Upcoming Move Less Stressful

Moving and Relocating

Experts have often said that change is to be considered a good thing. If your family is like most families, the familiar routine tends to be comforting. The thought of preparing for a move is enough to bring on an anxiety attack. There are some recommended ways to make your upcoming move less stressful on everyone involved. Don’t wait for the last minute before tackling the packing and preparation phases. Procrastinating actually brings people more stress that increases each day that the work is not completed. Begin preparing as soon as possible and decide whether or not your belongings will go into storage.

Many individuals move due to a new job, to be closer to family or because of attending college. Older individuals often decide to downsize and move into a smaller home or apartment that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Other people decide to travel, and they might even rent out their home while they are away. In any of these types of moving situations, the moving parties should look into the available self storage everett wa offers. It is possible to find secure storage options that are affordable and very convenient. Some self-storage companies offer a free month or discounted storage rates if the person also rents one of their moving vans or trucks.

A move is considered a major life event by mental health professionals. The stress of the unknown, overwhelming preparations and other things can add to this anxiety. The secret for handling a move starts with early preparation. This can be just checking available housing options in the new location, getting kids enrolled in their new schools, calling moving and/or storage companies and getting ready to pack. Most towns and cities will have one or more moving/storage companies, and individuals are urged to scout out the best prices, accommodations and storage/moving choices.

Most families will accumulate an enormous amount of possessions over time. Before a move, families should go through their belongings to decide what to keep, what to throw away and what to give away. Plan on having a yard sale or using a consignment shop to sell your better clothes, housewares, kids toys and so on. This process should be started early to keep from becoming overwhelmed. Try to get the entire family involved. Even smaller children can help with some guidance and simple instructions. Things that don’t sell can often be used by local agencies like domestic abuse shelters, children’s holiday toy drives and other worthy places.

When deciding on a storage facility, research every option first. If moving just across town, try to see the storage unit with a personal visit. Some important things to consider are size, indoor or outdoor units, security measures, prices and other considerations. Most storage and/or moving companies will have packing supplies and moving equipment for rent. When packing, label each box with contents and designated room. Mark breakable items as fragile. With proper preparations, your move can be smooth.

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