Can Garden Landscaping Add Value To Your Home?


A well-designed, landscaped garden is the pride of the owner, a landmark in the neighbourhood and of course, a beautiful sight to look at. But did you know that garden landscaping adds value to your home? In fact, knowledgeable people in the field say that garden landscaping adds almost 20% to the resale value of your property. How well your outdoor space is laid out decides on your property’s curb appeal. A well maintained garden creates the first good impression on prospective buyers. A simple, easy to maintain garden is what folks are looking for because no one wants to spend hours on lawn and garden maintenance. Neither do they want to spend huge sums for garden upkeep. The best way is to have a small, but well-manicured garden that not only looks neat but is easy to look after, which you can do with a water flow meter from Prospective buyers look out for landscaped outdoor spaces like built up decking and patios as these can be used for a variety of purposes. They provide a secluded outer space that is also an extension of the home. Sheds and outhouses on the property are also in much demand as such covered areas fitted out with electricity and plumbing can serve various purposes. If you have such a built-up outdoor space, your property is going to be worth much more. You need not spend a fortune on garden landscaping. A simple paved seating area alongside tall trees along the fence or small water features lend a sense of tranquillity to the space, making it more inviting. Home owners value privacy, so it is important that your property has a proper fencing which could be designed creatively. Train some flowering vines on the fence or plant a hedge that acts as a vibrant barrier to enclose a cosy sitting area.

Gardening Services Helensvale is an important aspect of a well-designed landscaped garden. Neatly trimmed edges, a weed-free lawn with lush green grass definitely add value to your home. So, if you plan to sell your home at some point in time, ensure that your lawn is mowed and cared for regularly. Your garden with beautiful, colourful blossoms can serve as an attractive entryway to your home. Ensure that the plants are cared for with regular dead heading and pruning. The bushes and shrubbery should be trimmed and fertilised as per schedules. Pay extra attention to the soil and watering of your garden to keep it in good shape. Garden landscaping can certainly add value to your home provided it is well cared for. To potential buyers there is nothing more of an eyesore than an unkempt garden. Just like you would make improvements in your home to attract buyers, take care of your garden too as it is the doorway to your home. Get Fox Mowing QLD ( to maintain your lawn and garden. They also provide garden landscaping along with other services like pest control, lawn mowing, fertilising and other Garden Clean Ups Merrimac.

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