A Guide to the Right Quartz Countertops


Countertops play a key role in your kitchen appearance. The type of worktop you install in your kitchen determines your kitchen value and beauty. You may have come across different types of countertops. However, have you ever thought of the best countertops of them all? Quartz countertops are widely considered as the best choice when remodelling your kitchen. The greatest advantage of installing quartz worktops is their durability.

It is important to note that there are different types of quartz countertops available on the market. How then do you determine the right quartz countertops for your kitchen?

Know its composition

There are several manufacturers claiming to engineer quartz countertops. Before you choose a certain type of quartz countertop, make sure you know its composition. Usually, these countertops are engineered from natural quarry stones and polyester resin. A well-engineered quartz countertop is strong, anti-microbial, and non-porous.

Consider the pattern

Quartz countertops are also engineered in different patterns. These patterns greatly determine the appearance of your kitchen. Choose a pattern that complements your cabinets and floor. You can search around the available patterns to determine your ideal design.

Choose the right thickness

Countertops are of different thicknesses. The standard sizes are a quarter, half, and three-quarter inch thick. A thicker countertop is stronger and more durable compared to a less-thick countertop. As you search for the right countertop, check its thickness.


The right texture may be defined by the purpose of your countertop. There are also different textures. The available choices include rugged, matt, and polished finishes. They are also available in veined, granite-look, and flecked patterns.

The right size

What’s the size of your kitchen counters? How about the kitchen appliances you want to install in your counters? Quartz countertops are available in slab and tile form. If you have a long kitchen counter, you can opt to install a long slab countertop. If you want to include sinks or taps in your counters, make sure they are designed for this. However, the best way is to consult the countertop installer about the measurements. Have a design of your kitchen before you order your ideal quartz countertops.

Consider the colour

This is the other vital factor to consider when searching for the right countertops. These worktops are available in dark and bright colours. As a homeowner, you should match your countertops to the colour of your ceiling, wall or floor. One of the common kitchen colours is white. You can also choose a bright colour to complement your cabinets.


Finally, choose a countertop you can afford. How much have you budgeted for kitchen remodelling? It is recommended that you request a quote before purchasing.

These are some of the great factors you need to consider when choosing the right countertops. Quartz countertops are among the most popular worktops on the market. They are not only affordable but also durable. When shopping for the best type, make sure that you buy from a reputable supplier.


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