3 Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen


The kitchen is the epicenter of home life, the gathering place where family and friends come together to share special occasions. Whether you’re baking up a fresh batch of holiday cookies, mixing your favorite summer cocktails or packing the daily order of school lunches, you want your kitchen to suit your needs and make the perfect setting for your family’s food memories. These three design tips will show you how.

Design for Functionality

The importance of a kitchen’s organization and flow cannot be overstated, and the best way to keep your kitchen from becoming disorderly and cluttered is to make sure that you have abundant storage. While some quick fixes such as shelving organizers are available, the best storage is built in. If your kitchen is lacking in cabinet space, you may need to start from scratch to get the long-term functionality you need. If this is the case for you, it may be time to look into options such as a kitchen remodel Green Cove Springs FL.

Design for Personality

Your kitchen should reflect your aesthetic and personality. Pops of color on cabinets and creative backsplashes are wonderful ways to express your unique style. Pick your accent pieces wisely, however. You don’t want an overdesigned space to distract from the peace and contentment your kitchen should spark every time you step inside.

Design for Joy

You and your loved ones will spend a lot of time gathered around the kitchen table or hovering excitedly around the oven, waiting for the timer to signal that your favorite casserole is ready. Your design should celebrate these cherished moments. Make use of available wall space to hang favorite photos and be sure to reserve a shelf for family cookbooks and time-tested recipes. That way you’ll always have what you need at hand for the next memorable kitchen adventure.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve created your beautiful, functional kitchen, you have everything you need to start cooking up some sweet treats and even sweeter memories.

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