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Home Interior Shades from Benjamin Moore You’ll Love

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Quiet Moments: This zen green is guaranteed to send you into relaxed mode every time you walk into the room. Calm with hints of sage but not so full of green as to be overwhelming.

Nimbus Gray: This steely mix of gray and blue is the perfect way to bring some stormy excellence to any room you feel it fits in.

Revere Pewter: Channel the colonial times in the best possible way with this outstandingly popular colour of paint from Benjamin Moore. This calm neutral is just dark enough to keep from being too dull but light enough to avoid being dramatic.

Decorator’s White: Let’s face it, if you’re going to go with white, you might as well go for it full throttle. You can find Decorator’s White at largely any paint store in Brampton or any store that carries Benjamin Moore in Toronto. It’s the perfect blank slate that lets you decorate to the hilt without worrying about clashing or just allows for a refreshingly clean look.

Silver Mist: If you ever were to walk among the silverback gorillas in Africa, this silver mist is what you would see rising up from the forest floor as you walked in the humidity and flora of the region in search of data and unique observations about the local fauna, water canteen and walkie-talkie in hand.

Woodlawn Blue: Regal and pretty, relaxed and comfortable, Woodlawn Blue is a must for any interior and a very reliable companion to the immensely bestselling Palladian Blue.

Van Deusen Blue: If you’re going to go with a darker blue then you cannot leave without checking out the gorgeous shade of paint provided to you by Van Deusen Blue. Sure, he’s going to the Ivy Leagues, but he’s going to work at his grandfather’s law firm when he graduates and takes his education very seriously, donning a blue blazer in this exact shade of blue.

Wrought Iron: Exactly the shade that it sounds like. If you want to make a statement or just love dark paints, this iron gray is going to be your go-to shade at any store that sells Benjamin Moore in Toronto or your area!

Stonington: A light gray that will tickle your fancy if Wrought Iron is not your ideal shade and is too dark. Stonington is gorgeous without being too light or too dark a shade that will make you feel like naming your house Stonington Manor!

You can find any of these shades at a paint store in Brampton or a store near you. If you love any of them, check them out in person or find examples online and visualize how the shade might look in your home!

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