How to open a rooftop bar

House Plans

Humans are social creatures. Many enjoy getting together with friends and coworkers, perhaps enjoying a drink together during their downtime. What better place to enjoy that time together than at a rooftop bar? If you are planning to open a rooftop bar for people to enjoy, here is some advice.

Build the Bar

An engineer should be hired to ensure that the bar is built with structural integrity. A roof is not structurally designed to carry the weight of a bar stocked with beverages, let alone multiple guests and the tables and chairs where they will be seated. The bar will need to meet the codes and compliances as defined by government regulations.

One very important aspect to keep in mind is the flooring. The roof will likely be an unleveled surface with sloping that enables proper drainage. You will need to have a floating rooftop deck installed to design beautiful level flooring for guests to safely walk upon. This will allow water to drain completely, which is essential.

Write a Business Plan

Your business plan is your full strategy for how your restaurant will be run. It should include your vision statement and mission statement and several other factors. If you make a comprehensive plan, you will be better organized going forward which will save you from going through unnecessary trial and error.

Your budget plan and your strategy for initial resources will be a vital portion. Resources can be attained from investors, from personal savings or perhaps a combination of the two. Research ways to raise money to open a restaurant and create a budget plan to include in your business plan.

There are many steps to take and before you will be ready to open your bar. If you do your research and have the drive to get over all of the hurdles, you have a great chance to overcome and become an inspiration to others.

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