Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Contemporary Home

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Contemporary interior design has gained popularity over the past decade, and homeowners are looking for ways they can incorporate it into their houses. As a result, this has inspired home remodels ranging from the bathroom area, living rooms, bedrooms, and patios, to mention a few. Kitchen remodels to contemporary designs are also common as the kitchen is among the most important rooms in a home, and people see the need to make the space inviting.

Here are some contemporary kitchen remodel tips for your next project.

  1. Installing glass cabinets

The difference between modern, rustic, traditional, and contemporary interior designs is the type of materials used for the job. Contemporary interior designs rely heavily on industry-inspired materials like steel and glass.

Switching from wooden cabinets to glass cabinets is one of the easiest ways to bring a contemporary feel into your space. You can work with handymen from to help you do a professional and blemish-free installation. There are different types of glass that you can use for the cabinets depending on the effect you want. If you have some fine china that you want to flaunt, you can use clear glass; if you want some privacy element, you can use obscuring glass for the job.

Suppose you are looking for a decorative effect. In that case, you can work with textured or patterned. Glass will also make your kitchen airy, which is one of the characteristics of contemporary interior design.

  1. Install a marble backsplash

Installing a marble backsplash is also a smart way of incorporating contemporary design in your kitchen. Marble has stunning visuals and will bring a stunning look, coupled with elegance in your kitchen. If you have dark cabinets, this will be particularly useful as it will create a beautiful contrast.

Marble also goes well with an all-white theme, which is actually used in most contemporary interior designs. Marble is also stain-resistant and easy to maintain and will keep your kitchen looking clean and presentable.

  1. Include decorative accents in your kitchen

Including modern accents in your kitchen can transform a traditional kitchen into a contemporary design. The accents you can include are wall art, vases, bowls, clocks, planters, and even hardware like modern and elegant faucets.

Modern accents will not only add life to your kitchen but also bring a sense of contemporary elegance.

  1. Add colorful tiles from the counters to the ceiling

Contemporary kitchens are usually featured with colorful tiles from the counter to the ceiling of your kitchen. There is a wide range of styles of tiles that you can use for this, like geometric tiles and bright brick tiles.


Playing around with color schemes will also go a long way in helping you achieve a contemporary interior design. A white theme would be ideal or even the lighter shades of grey. A few changes in your kitchen, like changing your backsplash, cabinetry, paintwork, and furniture, can instantly transform your space. You can also get inspiration from other contemporary kitchen designs and incorporate them into your house.

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