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You’re thinking of buying a washing machine, but don’t know which one to choose? To choose the right one for your needs you will have to take into account factors such as size, load capacity, efficiency or washing programs. For this we have prepared a guide that can be of great help.

The appearance of the domestic washing machine revolutionized everyday life forever, who imagines today washing all clothes by hand? It has become one of the essential appliances of any home, and that is why it is worth choosing the model that best suits our needs.

If you are thinking of renewing your washing machine and you get a little lost to the variety of options, sizes and features, we present the complete guide to know how to buy the perfect washing machine for you. We solve your doubts with all the key questions that you must keep in mind to get it right.


First, you have to know if we are going to install it indoors, in the kitchen or in a special room, or if you plan to go outdoors. Above all, it is important to look carefully at the design in the case of the washing machines that we place inside the house so that they do not interrupt family life.

If you have little space at home, you can attach it to the kitchen design. In that case, look for a model that does not break the style of the other furniture, consider the baseboard and make sure that the water and electricity sockets are available. You can also hide it behind a door that simulates one more closet, an option that is also valid for bathrooms. In this case, you will need a front-loading model.

If you are going to install it on the terrace, a patio or outdoor laundry just keep in mind that it is not very exposed to the weather, although you can protect it with a suitable cover. Look closely at the fact that there will be enough space for the technician to install it without problems, and that you will have room for maneuver to introduce and remove the clothes.

Measure space well: how to measure washer space

And of course, it is essential to measure the available space to the millimeter. You will need 60 cm wide for front-loading models, but don’t forget that you also need enough space to place it without problems and to open and close the door. Also consider the bottom, which is usually around the same size as the width.

Which is better: washer or washer and dryer 2 in 1

Perhaps until now, you had not considered investing a washer-dryer, machines that incorporate the drying function to their benefits but are a very important option to take into account today. Like everything in this life, they have their advantages and disadvantages, which you must weigh according to your needs.

As a great point in favor is the comfort of 2-in-1 operation: you save yourself having to buy a dryer separately and forget about the inconvenience of tending and neglecting the laundry. Clothes come out clean and dry directly after the wash cycle, ready to store, iron or use. It is a great advantage for houses with little space, large families with a lot of laundry or people with little free time for household chores.

Among its drawbacks, it is necessary to highlight the lower load capacity if we want to do the complete cycle, and also usually need a greater consumption of energy and water. More advanced models, with greater capacity and more efficiency, are also considerably more expensive than a machine that only offers washing. Something logical considering that it assumes the functions of two different machines.

In short, a washer-dryer is an ideal alternative for those who seek more comfort and spend less time doing laundry, for small homes or humid and cold climates where the clothes hanging take a long time to dry alone.

And if I only want a dryer, what types are there?

If you already have your ideal washing machine and what you are looking for is to pair it with a dryer, or directly prefer to invest in the two appliances separately, you can choose between evacuation dryers and condensers with heat pump. Traditional dryers work by taking air from the outside, they heat it and thus dry the clothes, returning to expel the now hot and humid air. They are cheaper but less efficient, more appropriate for very cold climates and with good outdoor ventilation.

Current dryers are increasingly betting on heat pump condensation technology. The machine works with a double internal air circuit; the air circulates through a fan, passes through the heater where the coolant heats it and dries clothes. That hot and humid air repeats the same circuit again to reuse the heat in the next drying process. They are much more efficient dryers, do not generate external heat and offer greater energy savings.

Load capacity, depending on your family

Beyond size, what differentiates each washing machine model? The fundamental thing now is to know exactly what and how much we need to wash. How many times do you put the washing machine at home? How many clothes do you wash at once? Choose the load capacity based on the size and specific needs of your family to get the most out of your new machine.

With about three washes per week, a washing machine with a capacity of 7 kilos may be sufficient, and for single-member households or couples, with a washing frequency of just once or twice a week, a washing machine with capacity will be more than enough of 5 or 6 kilos.

The washing programs: which ones interest you the most?

Originally, the washing machines only had one button to start and wash them, but today manufacturers offer us a multitude of specific programs to adapt the process to the specific needs of each laundry. Because it is not the same to wash bedding as delicate garments or sports equipment, it is important to know which programs you will get the most out of.

If you want to fully control the details of your laundry for the best results without damaging your clothes, think carefully about what your clothes stains are like or what type of fabrics you need to wash more. Are there allergies at home or people with sensitive skin? You will be interested in specific models with the anti-allergy program.

Sound matters: which are the quietest washing machines

The washing machines make noise. It is a fact that we cannot deny, but luckily in recent years technology has advanced a lot and every time we find less noisy models. It is important to look at the benefits offered by manufacturers in case we are going to do laundry at a time that may disturb the neighbors, or if we have very young children at home.

Efficient washing machines for maximum energy and water savings

The energy rating is today an essential issue to take into account when buying any appliance. We are interested that the washing machine is efficient for reasons of ecological sustainability, and also an economic issue: the greater the energy efficiency, the more energy and water savings.

Spin speed

The washing machines are also differentiated by the speed of the spin, the revolutions per minute that the motor can reach, that is, the turns the drum takes. This number does not necessarily guarantee greater washing efficiency, although it will take out the drier clothes, the higher the number.

The minimum recommended for good results is 600 rpm, although today most models start at 1000 rpm. If you put a lot of laundries and live in a colder or humid place, you will be interested in higher speeds with 1600 rpm.

Smart washing machines and connectivity

In the context of connectivity and smart technology that virtually any device reaches today, smart washing machines also come into play. The latest advances in home innovation present us with appliances that make our lives much easier, and in washing, it translates into machines capable of adjusting washing programs, the use of detergent or temperature.


In short, to choose a perfect washing machine, we must first think about what needs we have at home, especially at the capacity level, so as not to end up buying a much more powerful device than necessary, more expensive in the short term and probably in the long term if breakdowns arise.

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