From kids to teen- how to upgrade their bedroom without breaking the bank

Home Renovation

Fairytale pink walls and racing car beds may have been the perfect option for your adorable 5 year old, but as they get to 15 the shine is more than likely wearing off. If the time is right for a bedroom revamp, read on for some of the best ways to do so on a budget.

Choose a neutral background

One of the best things you can do to breathe new life into a room is to give the walls a fresh lick of paint. We recommend sticking with a neutral colour that can be a base for a whole range of designs. Not only will this be easy to refresh from time to time but you can change up themes and colours schemes with accent pieces rather than having to do a full repaint.

Greys make for an ideal background colour. They are sleek enough to stand alone but also provide the perfect contrast if you want to include an accent wall in your plans for the revamp, take a look at the Polished Pebble paint range from Dulux to get an idea of the versatility of this tone.

Speaking of accent walls, removable wallpaper is a good option. With such a huge range now available you will be able to find a pattern that fits your budget without having to splash out on getting a professional decorator in to hang it.

What can be reused

Before you go on a purge of all the existing bedroom furniture, take a moment to consider what can be repurposed or given a makeover. Sanding down a chest of drawers can quickly take it from cheesy to classic (not to mention get rid of all those my little pony stickers). If the existing furniture is more chipboard than solid oak, don’t be afraid to get creative. Chevrons, stripes and colour blocks are an ideal way to bring sophistication into your grand design.

Changing up the hardware on furniture is another way to upcycle old furniture. Why not experiment with using leather straps to replace traditional drawer pulls, or create a bohemian feel with mismatched knobs?

Put collections on display

Whether its hats, shoes or scale models, give your teens most prized belongings take centre stage in their room. It could be as simple as installing some shelves or even just hooks on the wall. If you are feeling fancy, add some LED light strips or even mini spotlights to take it to the next level.

By making a feature out of these items chances are high that they will remain organised (win), will stay in good condition (also a win), and out of reach of the sticky hands of younger siblings (a definite win). Should their interests change over time, there is nothing as reusable as storage space.

Refreshing and making a bedroom more teen-friendly doesn’t need to cost the world. Take some time to evaluate what would have the biggest impact and go from there.

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