When Faux is Fabulous

Home Improvement

In some cases, nothing but the genuine article will do: premium ice cream, designer handbags and fresh flowers on the table. However, there are times when price, convenience and your conscience dictate that you substitute faux items in place of the real thing.

Artificial Turf

If you are like many people, your American dream includes a lovely house surrounded by a lush green lawn. Unfortunately, in many areas, grass is impractical. It needs constant weeding, provides a home for pests, guzzles water and requires regular mowing. Replace your grass with artificial turf Thousand Oaks to achieve the lavish look and feel of grass without the hassles.

Diamond Alternatives

Engagement rings do not look the same without the sparkle of gemstones. However, you may be concerned about the environmental and ethical implications of buying diamonds. You do not need to overpay for questionably sourced stones; today, you have many quality alternatives. You can choose lab-created stones such as engineered diamonds, moissanites or cubic zirconia. If you prefer natural stones, white sapphires, white topaz and white zircon are all beautiful, affordable choices.

Faux Fur

Yes, those fur coats in your grandmother’s closet are warm and luxurious. In their day, they may have been the height of glamour, and they are probably still quite valuable today. However, you may prefer not to purchase any new fur, even genuine fur trim. No animal should die for your fashion whims. Instead, insist on quality faux fur, which is often so soft and silky you may hardly know the difference.

Pre-mixed Curries

Who doesn’t love Indian and Thai food? Many dishes are bursting with flavor, and curries come in seemingly infinite varieties. Sadly, when you make your own, you can be toasting, grinding, measuring and blending spices for an hour. With a bit of experimentation, you may be able to find a paste, powder or mix that imparts the same heat and flavor — while all you have to do is sprinkle and stir.

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