What To Do If Your Home Is Damaged in a Storm

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If your home has been damaged in a storm, you might be at a loss about how to proceed. After first getting yourself and your family to safety, you should take the following steps.

Assess the Damage

When the storm is over and it is safe to proceed, assess the damage to your home. As you make your survey, watch out for broken glass, downed electrical lines, standing water and sharp objects. Check your home for roof damage like holes, missing or broken shingles or leaks. Look over your siding, windows, doors, gutters and downspouts. Don’t forget to inspect your garage and out buildings as well as your yard and trees. Inside your home, look for flooding, leaks, cracks and any other problems. Document and photograph all damage for your records.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After you have made your assessment, contact your insurance company. Be sure to have all your insurance plan information handy when you call, and ask your provider to guide you through the process of making a claim. Present full documentation and photographs, and keep all receipts for storm-related expenses. Ask plenty of questions so you understand the whole process and don’t experience unpleasant surprises later.

Hire Repair Services

When you’ve received the go-ahead from the insurance company, you can begin researching and hiring repair services. Depending on the nature of the damage, you may need a general contractor. Alternately, you can hire a roofer Daytona Beach, a siding repair service, a clean-up specialist (if flooding is your issue) or a glass repair company. No matter which way you choose to go, research potential companies thoroughly, read customer reviews and get all quotes in writing. Stay in close touch with contractors and your insurance company throughout the repair process to make sure everything stays on track.

Storm damage to your home can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world if you work systematically and efficiently to make repairs and get life back to normal.

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