Top Concerns to Address When Reopening Your Business

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Although COVID-19 continues to disrupt lives across the globe, most businesses in the United States are beginning to reopen. As you create your business’s plan for reopening, ask yourself the following questions to ensure your customers’ and employees’ safety.

How Will You Respond to Contamination?

Given how quickly COVID-19 spreads and how frequently asymptomatic carriers occur, it is unrealistic to expect that the virus will not enter your workplace. You need to have a plan for responding to contamination, including a record of customers who visit your store so that you can assist with contact tracing efforts. Don’t forget to investigate decontamination services Maryland so that you can safely return to work following the presence of an infected person or contaminated materials.

How Will You Enforce Safety Measures?

The many safety measures that people have put in place to prevent the virus’s spread, including the use of face masks and hand sanitizer, are effective, but they are not popular. At least some employees and customers will protest your restrictions, and you need to be ready to respond to them firmly but fairly. Either you must turn away people without face masks or you must supply them. Both options have drawbacks, but whichever you choose, you must be consistent. For employees, include sanctions such as fines or loss of hours to discourage them from forgetting their masks. Publicize your policies with company-wide emails and plenty of signs outside and throughout your store. Plan to spend part of your day watching people as they enter your store or designate an employee to perform this critical task.

As you reopen your business, you may have many questions about the future. Your most important concerns involve containing and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Long before your doors open, have a plan for keeping everyone safe, and stick to it once you resume business.

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