Tips on How to Group Your Clothes in the Closet 

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You need to start looking at the clothes in your closet and organize them. You can’t have a messy closet all the time. You will find it difficult to look for the clothes that you need to wear, and you will also feel stressed out with the mess. If you don’t have any idea of where to begin, these are some tips that will help you.

Group the clothes by size

You can easily sort the clothes out if you group them by size. It’s also easy for you to keep them in the right area in your closet. The smaller items can go in the drawer or wicker basket where they can fit perfectly.

Organize the clothes by season

If your area experiences all the seasons in one year, you must have all types of clothing in your closet. Therefore, it’s best if you organize them by season so that the ones that you don’t wear will temporarily go to a different location. You can only keep the clothes that you will use during that particular season. For instance, if it’s no longer winter, there’s no point in keeping winter outfits in your closet as they’re too bulky. You can take them out later when it’s snowing again.

Group the clothes by purpose

Perhaps, the most common way of organizing clothes in a closet is by purpose. Tops go in the same area and so do bottoms. You also place accessories in the same drawer. If you choose to organize this way, you need to determine the right location for every group of clothing. The goal is to easily find the ones that you want to wear and complete your outfit for the day.

Group the clothes by colour

You can follow all the choices mentioned above, but you can further group them by colour. Sometimes, you don’t know what to wear, but you have an idea about the specific colour that you would love for that day. You might also go to occasions that require you to follow a dress code. By grouping your clothes according to colour, it’s easier for you to decide what to wear.

The first thing that you need to do is to take all of your clothes out of the closet. You want to have an inventory first before you start grouping them. You want to account for all the clothes that you have and also look for the ones that are missing.

Once you have accounted for all your clothes, you will know if your closet is still good enough to hold all of them. You might even have to consider a fitted wardrobe UK furniture specialists could custom build for your bedroom. You can’t force yourself to use the same closet if it’s no longer suitable for your needs. Besides, it might be a few years since you last replaced your closet. If you have to purchase a new one, you need to customize it so that you won’t have a hard time sorting your clothes.

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