The budget spare room: How to make it look the part without spending a fortune

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It’s the room that is last to tackle. Over the last few years the kitchen has grabbed all of the headlines – with homeowners comfortably spending tens of thousands to get this part of their home right.

When it comes to the spare room, it’s generally about making the most of the remaining cents left.

Quite often, this isn’t enough. You may have been able to purchase built-in wardrobes for your master bedroom, but that certainly won’t be the case when it comes to the lonely spare room.

If you think outside the box, there are some shrewd possibilities when it comes to this generally unloved area of the home though. Through today’s post, we will document some of our favorites.

The simplest fix of all: a bouquet of flowers

While major renovation jobs might feel utterly fulfilling and have a huge impact, don’t forget that some of the smaller fixes can make a big difference as well.

To put things into perspective, a bouquet of fresh flowers falls into this category. They can immediately show that the room is loved and lived in, while adding a tone of color as well. Particularly if you still have the infamous magnolia walls which are synonymous with modern new-build homes, this color will be extremely welcome indeed.

(Other accessories also count)

As a bonus point, it’s worth talking a little about accessories. In short, they all count, and there is a great guide to them at the bottom of today’s article. Flowers are particularly impactful, but so are some of the others described in the footer.

Consider doing something utterly outlandish

Most of us are quite straightlaced when it comes to the overall décor of our home. We want to stick to whatever tone Pantone have decided for the year and keep everything as trend-like as possible.

When it comes to the guest bedroom, all such rules are out of the window. This is a space that receives little traffic, so if you feel like experimenting, go for it.

Whether it’s a yellow wall, or even a hammock, try it out. If nothing else, it shows that your room is receiving some attention, rather than just being left on the side.

Don’t make it a junk room

Finally, let’s talk about junk (or “clutter”, as it is often called nowadays). Historically, this is the room of the house where most unwanted items accumulate, but this process needs to stop.

In truth, if things are ending up in this room, there’s probably something wrong elsewhere in your home. Each item needs its own ‘place’ in your home, and if everywhere else is bursting at the seams, it’s time to sit back and evaluate where everything should truly belong.

Helpful resources

The inspiration documented on the following sites has helped formulate today’s article:

House Beautiful: To highlight the huge costs that people dedicate towards fashionable rooms such as the kitchen, read the thoughts of musician Ed Sheeran.

Avas Flowers: Avas Flowers are in-demand at the moment, and it’s for good reason. There are some fantastic Avas Flowers designs available on this page, and they work wonders when placed in a sparse environment such as a guest bedroom.

The Spruce: This guide from the Spruce talks a little more about accessories, but more importantly has a great list of some ones to turn to if you’re struggling for inspiration.

Pantone: For those of you who do want to stick to the trend rule books, here is the latest from Pantone in 2021.

Huff Post: Huff Post have documented some easy-to-implement tips that will help you in your quest for a clutter-free home.

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