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The city, Noida, came into the constitutional existence in the year 1976. The city covers a land of 20,500 hectares. Not many of the Indians would know, but Noida is an abbreviation. The full name of Noida is the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority.

Wondering where Noida is actually located? It’s not in Delhi.

Noida is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. However, the city comes under the Delhi-NCR. Other extensions of Noida include Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. Best choice to get a flat for rent in Noida city. The city is well-connected with various routes of transportation, with metro being the primary mode.

The buildings of Noida are no lesser than any skyscraper. Noida holds the second number in the development of tall buildings, just after Mumbai. If you are planning to move to Noida, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

How are the Weather Conditions in Noida?

Summers in Noida last for about 2.8 months—starting from April end to mid-July, while winters last for about 2.2 months—from December to February. The monsoon lasts longer than the other seasons. It stays for about 7 months—starting from June to December. February to March and October to November are the most pleasant time of the year, in terms of the weather.

So, if you are a monsoon person, you will enjoy your stay in Noida.

What are the Crucial Advantages of Living in Noida?

Noida is one of the most efficient cities developed in India. With tall building and easy availability of groceries and households stuff, Noida tops the chart in terms of residential areas.

If you are a nature lover, looking at the greenery surrounding the roads and gardens will definitely hold your attention. Numerous IT and other countries are being established in Noida, which is further boosting the economic power of the city and attracting youths.

In addition to this, the city can be modernized as per the needs of the individuals staying in it. Noida is developing in a way that it has almost all the means for entertainment and other essentials. From hotels to restaurants and even pubs, Noida is fast-developing as the ideal city for the millennial populace.

Besides this, the peaceful nature of the locality holds the potential to please the elderly. All-in-all, the city has it all for all.

What are the Disadvantages of Living in Noida?

During the summers, some of the areas in Noida suffer from a power cut. Besides this, some areas have poor drainage systems. However, when you rent a flat in Noida in a well-developed society, you may not have to deal with these problems.

Besides this, there are no disadvantages of significant grade in Noida.

Is Noida Safer than Delhi?

Some of the sectors, such as Sector 47 are completely developed with guards in every lane. This makes these sectors safer to stay. It is near to banks, temples, and markets. However, the crime rate in some of the sectors is high in Delhi. So, it is always better to consult a professional to know the details about an area before looking for a rental flat in Noida.

Sector 1, sector 15, sector 22, 55 and 56 are some of the safest locations to rent a flat in Noida, if you are looking to stay with your family.

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