How to Choose the Best Framed Artwork

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According to experts in interior decoration, one of the quintessential ways to give new life to the walls of your home is to hang the best-framed artwork. It is not as easy as it seems to achieve a composition that generates harmony, elegance and a defined style. You have the task of thinking about the painting that best matches your walls and your furniture and, especially, your personality. You can always buy artwork online or visit exhibitions to make the best decision.

The colours, lighting and organization, everything reflects the taste and personality of the owner. Artwork can be minimalist, colourful, traditional, modern, and contemporary or a mixture of all of these things. Psychologists believe that your likeness towards a work of art can reflect your personality.

If lately, you have the feeling that something is missing from the place that represents your personality, it is possible because you have empty walls screaming for a perfectly framed artwork.

While it is true that you can find many ways to decorate your space, you may wonder about the reasons to buy artwork and give the place a special touch.

Here we are lining some of the main reasons to buy a framed artwork for your house.

  1. Positive atmosphere: Having artworks in a space produces a positive effect on the people around them.
  2. More than just decoration: Art inspires us and makes us creative. It makes us see the world differently. Therefore, you must acquire an artwork that inspires you.
  3. Support to the local artist: To support artistic work is to support the development of human beings.
  4. Acquire something unique and special: Buy art for the desire to have or give away something that nobody else can have. It makes it even more special.
  5. A unique and original gift: Art can be the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

How To Choose the Best Framed Artwork?

Now jumping to the main question, how to choose the best-framed artwork for your house? Here are a few things you need to consider:

Collage, Diptych or Triptych?

Keep in mind that you have many options to choose from. You can hang a collage, artistic photographs and even a combination of these two if you want to give an original and personal touch to your space. You can also opt for diptych or triptych if you want to cause the feeling of order and formality, as long as these are harmoniously integrated into the theme of your room.

Define the Preferred Style and Tone

From a more classic style, there are many options that you could opt for. Once you have chosen the style, you must ask yourself the question: what tones would you prefer? As we know that it is a very important aspect since every colour has its own meaning. For example, if you want to get an elegant, sober and modern decoration, black and white are the perfect candidates. However, if what you want to transmit energy, strength, and dynamism, the vivid tones will be your allies.

Does The Frame Fit Well In The Room?

Perhaps for many, the framing is not so important, but in reality, it is a key factor since you must take into account the design of your home furniture and, of course, the sofa. Frames may vary in size, texture, and colour. A very heavy frame on a dark wall will remove all the prominence from the artwork. These small details are what will make you get the most out of your decoration.

The choice of frame will depend on factors such as the colour of the frame and the type of frame. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your choice. To give you an idea, there is the type of frame with flat moulding; these are the simplest and most discreet. There are also traditional frames that are usually large.
Make Sure There Is Contrast

We insist again on the importance of colours so that your framed artwork has the perfect balance and harmony. If your walls are dark and you buy a painting with bright colours, there will be a loaded environment where it will not stand out and your invested time and money will go in vain. It is more appropriate than a picture in colourful tones that is part of all the decoration elements, including the sofa and other furniture, be hung on a white wall. It will certainly cause a greater visual impression.

In The Living Room or the Bedroom?

When buying a painting you must know if you are going to hang it in the living room, in the bedroom or any other space in the house. The lounge is the centre of attention, par excellence and the first thing your friends and family will see when they visit you. Usually, it is decorated with landscape framed artwork. It is the space where we spend most of the time so it is important that you feel comfortable with the decoration you choose and that it suits your needs. If you are interested in renovating your living room here we give you more details to decorate your living room that will surely be very useful for you.

On the other hand, if you desire to decorate the bedroom, it is convenient that they be with artistic works that invite the environment of relaxation and that give the feeling of calm and tranquillity to fall asleep. Although, if you prefer you can choose a painting with bright colours, but there is a balance between cold and warm tones, it will depend on your taste.

In conclusion, buying a framed artwork can be something exclusive and original. If you want to leave everyone open-mouthed, we recommend you to buy original paintings that are not easy to be found. In the online art galleries, they have a large catalogue of works made by emerging artists of great projection. On these platforms, you can find original paintings at very affordable prices. Believe it or not, you can get exclusive and quality work. These platforms mostly have a team of experts who are responsible for selecting the best works based on objective and transparent criteria, ensuring that when you buy a painting you take home a work of great quality.


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