How to choose a property stylist when selling your home

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Have you thought of hiring the property stylist to help you increase the value of the house before you opt for selling it? While, if you never tried it, then you must give it a chance because there are many perks of working with property stylists. Thus, it is also essential to choose the right stylist for the job, if you failed in finding the right you might face loss while selling your house. Finding the right property stylist is crucial, but there are a wide variety and opportunities to make a handsome amount in property styling Sydney.

A property stylist thoroughly examines not only your home but also the strategic furniture and style of your home, to determine the pros and cons of your home. By preparing for a quick and profitable sale, property stylists can ease the pressure on you to sell your home. There are many unique skills to make property stylists successful: an innovative vision of design and space is at stake, ongoing study on the market of modern property and also colour psychology.

Choosing the right property stylist can give you more value than the actual cost of your home, so it is essential first to do your research to find property stylist, who works best for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the maximum out of selling of house!

Check their background

The overall role of a property stylist deals primarily by adding value to your home with smart floor plans and furniture and interior selections. Therefore, it is essential before making any commitment, and you should check the background and portfolio of the property stylist to assess whether his / her work has yielded previous clients.

Checking website feedback is the right place for previous customer testimonials. Check out your property stylist website and comments on Facebook to see what feedback they have received in their working history. Note down the reviews from the sites that explicitly mentions an ROI or a fast sale – for instance, here at many property stylists, 94% of the properties they style end up selling within the first six weeks of house selling campaign. This kind of reliable reviews helps you feel confident that the property stylist is professional and right one to deal with your house selling process.

Contact them for prices

Another aspect to consider when choosing a property stylist is pricing. Remember that the purpose of property design is to provide you with a high ROI. If the price seems inexpensive and too high to be unbelievable, you may find that you sign up for the sparse quality furniture instead of customized packaging for your home and use an approach of “one size fits all”.

However, a worthy property stylist should recommend the hire packages of furniture to be the best fit for your budget. It is also the best options for the contact a consultation and makes a quotation so that you would be able to make an informed and wise decision.

Stay in touch!

One of the great ways to evaluate if property stylist is right for you is to stay in contact and discuss your needs simply. When selling a home, your real property stylist becomes an essential part of the team, so they must feel comfortable, confident and connected. Additionally, a professional property stylist should be able to answer all your questions, provide you with practical examples and customized offerings based on your property and needs.

Market-appropriate style

You must remember that style and lifetime of homes, suburbs and prices – all of the styles should be aspiring, but it should also be achievable for buyers. They can create WOW factor for the specific market. You would not believe it, but the property style design is proper science.

Check the styling of dealer

Check the portfolio of the stylist and note the quality and quantity of furniture, artwork, floral decorations and accessories. Make a comparison of your house design with the portfolio design of the stylist; you must compare apples to apples at a price while house should not be minimally styled of cluttered. Beware of styling companies that are in a hurry to cut back as they can ruin your appearance, which can cost you thousands of dollars in your final sale price.

Customized service provider

Whether it is a consistent style or a theme that runs through old things in new homes but placing antique accessories in the newly constructed house not always work. Thus, you should confirm it first that whether the stylist deals in antique kinds of stuff or the customized. If this initial process is done correctly, putting classic modern items and colours into older homes can work well. Consistency throughout the family is needed.

Discuss the ROI and benefits

Before making dealing or even a commitment, another thing you must check and discuss is how much profit and ROI they will bring. If they are quoting a satisfying amount of profit or ROI, then you should get straight to the cold fact to reject then because no one wants lower ROI when they are spending so much time and effort in styling their house. Thus, it is also essential you should let them know some of the points before starting your deal.

  • The property styling should increase house sale prices around 10 to 15 %.
  • The house should be styled professionally and requires less time on the market ( to save time).
  • The overall purpose of property styling is to increase the turnout of the auction, more individuals through the property, more expression interests and additional social shares. This could only have happened if the buyer can use a masterpiece in the house styling.

Check the styling plan first

Remember that designers create the exterior of a home for the broadest part of the home market, so even if you don’t like your lifestyle, it is a good idea to understand home design to connect with as many buyers as possible.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential designers, you’ll need to meet them to make sure they know you and your assets. More fundamentally, do the stylist make you feel good and give you confidence about achievement (style and financial performance)? Remember, you work with property stylists and property agents in the sales process, so you need to find someone to hear from you. For the safe side, you should ask for the initial plan draft once you approved it, then they can start working on the house styling.

Final Words

Not every property stylist is the same. When choosing the right option for you, you need to make sure that the designer understands the market and the target audience of the buyers. House owners can ask for the portfolio of currently styled house designs just to make sure that stylists are attentive to the details and know-how to manage the various homes and styles that suit them.

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