How to Beautify Your Pool Area

Home Improvement

If your inground pool is looking a little ho-hum, it may be time to spruce things up a bit. You want your pool area to be comfortable and inviting so that you will want to use it all summer. Of course, if your pool is also becoming a bit worn, you might decide to update the liner with pool painting Schaumburg IL in addition to changing your décor. Here are a few areas you can really make a big impact on how your pool looks and feels.


Underwater lights make swimming after dark fun, but they’re not enough for those outside of the pool to see by. Lights mounted on the house, or on posts around the pool are enough to help people navigate safely, and strings of lights above the pool give the area a magical, inviting quality.


A sunny day is great for swimming, but it’s important to provide breaks from the sun. Comfortable seating under awnings and umbrellas lets swimmers rest in the shade, allowing them to cool off and avoid sunburn. Consider providing shade over eating areas to keep mealtimes nice and cool.


Adding plants around your pool can provide natural beauty as well as privacy. Whether you have planting beds near your pool or place plants in pots, selecting plants wisely is a great way to improve your pool space. Be sure to choose plants that work well in a pool area for ease of care.

Equipment Storage

If you have a pool, you likely have pool toys, floats, pool noodles, and a profusion of towels. Without a system, they will look cluttered, get dirty, and be more difficult to find. A PVC rack keeps towels in one place and allows them to dry between uses. Bins hanging from a fence can corral small toys and goggles. Floats and noodles can be neatly contained with a cargo net.

With an intentional focus on making your pool area more functional and beautiful, it’s possible to make it more appealing, encouraging you to use it often.

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