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We offer you the services of organizing vertical gardens in any premises – offices, apartments, public places and shopping centers. We have mastered modern technology for creating living walls and offer you brief information about a completely new service.

The concept of vertical garden units or green walls has turned the modern idea of landscape design, brought it to a new height, in the literal sense of the word. The new technology of vertical gardening has opened up enormous opportunities for gardening and stylization of small and large spaces. This modern form of landscape design has taken root in many countries of the world and now have different names – vertical gardens, living walls or green mobile photo modules.

In less than ten years, many companies have mastered the technologies for creating living walls and vertical gardens and become available to the mass consumer. If the initial interest in vertical gardens was in a city where the garden space is traditionally very limited, then at the moment, the beauty and versatility of the vertical garden has gone beyond the city center and decorates private houses and estates, the interior of urban apartments and lofts.

In urban landscaping, the creation of vertical gardens has huge advantages – this is a reduction in the overall temperature of buildings; protection of building materials such as brick and concrete from heat; noise protection; powerful purification of air from dust; creating habitat for birds; water management when using stormwater for irrigation.

If initially, designing of vertical gardens or living walls were for plants specially grown on hydroponics, now new technologies allow you to build green walls from composite modular panels, where the placement of plants is in a special nutrient medium with an automatic watering system.

Cells with plants located at a certain angle to the vertical become consecrated for a maximum time of one day.

A trendy trend in urban gardening is growing in vertical gardens – spicy herbs – parsley, dill, celery, basil, green crops, as well as strawberries and wild strawberries, that is, the creation of vertical vegetable gardens.

The main task when creating vertical gardens is proper irrigation and timely top dressing.

Green walls systems imply the efficient use of water and a nutrient medium, with good drainage and aeration, to preserve the optimum amount of moisture in the root system to minimize irrigation time and cycles. It is important to establish an irrigation system so that all vertical panels with plants are irrigated evenly and strictly by the hour. In enclosed spaces – offices, shopping centers, beauty salons, pallets are needed to power the irrigation system with water and to drain. In open space, as a rule, draining is not needed.

Also, the vertical structure of the walls receives special attention – the quality of the material – its lightness, strength and durability. For the stability of the structure, it is necessary to calculate the total mass of the green wall, that is, the strength of the wall at maximum load.

When using Green walls technology, the Woolly Pocket mesh system is often used, which prevents stagnation of excess moisture in pockets and provides good aeration. The manufacturing of cells include various materials, including new ones – recycled polypropylene, foamed artificial felt, and natural materials such as coconut fiber.

In addition to stationary green installations mounted on the wall, there are mobile modular vertical gardens. The great flexibility of modular – mobile structures allows the landscape designer to create an unlimited variety of sizes and shapes of vertical gardens.

There are no restrictions for vertical green gardens; designs have shown success in residential premises – private residences, estates, cottages, apartments and lofts.

Living paintings from plants have become a great alternative to potted plants and conservatories, requiring much more free space than vertical gardens.

Green living walls have become widely used in the decoration of fences. But, one must remember that mobile vertical systems for the winter should be carried away into a warm room and preserved at a temperature of + 10 + 15C.

In the open air in the city, portable vertical gardens serve for the design of balconies, loggias, and patios. In such gardens, magnificent blooming annuals look great – petunia, snapdragon, aster, cloves, lobelia, nasturtium, fragrant tobacco, salvia and ageratum.

Currently, in restaurants and cafes, both indoors and on open verandas and terraces, culinary enthusiasts began to arrange original vertical gardens. In the winter, mobile vertical gardens move into rooms, thereby decorating the interior.

Briefly, once again we can formulate the advantages of green walls, including mobile structures, these are:

  • Strong aesthetic perception
  • Absorption of pollutants and dust in the air
  • Repeated improvement of indoor air quality, increase in oxygen in the air, neutralization of such harmful volatile substances, formaldehyde, organic compounds and benzene
  • Cooling and isolating the room, reducing heating and air conditioning costs
  • Reliable sound barrier
  • Ability to create various architectural modules and forms.

We can say that the vertical garden is intended for use from year to year, while making small adjustments to the plantings, and sometimes completely changing the plant composition of living walls.

The green walls are similar to container gardening. But unlike the latter, the vertical garden according to the green system has a very high planting density, growing on a strictly vertical surface, automatic water supply and nutrient supply, as well as long-term operation unchanged.

The development of modern technology for planting plants on absolutely vertical surfaces makes it possible to enrich the landscape gardening design and make it modern and mobile.

If you want to change your interior significantly, make it stylish and modern, as well as breathe fresh and clean air saturated with oxygen, which is produced by nature, order the services of creating a vertical garden in an office, apartment, country house.


Living green walls are a new way to integrate plants in public places – offices, beauty salons, shopping centers. Due to the shortage of horizontal space, the potential for their use in the urban and office environment is unlimited. The supporting structure easily adapts to the surface of any geometric shape. Due to the lack of soil, a square meter of such a green wall weighs no more than 25 kg.

From a technical point of view, the design of the vertical garden is hygroscopic pockets made of special synthetic fabric, where plants with specially prepared root systems get placed. Installation of the green wall uses metal profiles. Reliable waterproofing of the structure allows its use on any vertical surfaces. Watering plants is carried out automatically using a mini installation. Tray mounted in the base of the green wall collects excess moisture.

Increasingly, vertical gardens are ordered by apartment owners who want to bring originality and novelty to the interior of their home, to saturate their home with oxygen and useful volatile, killing pathogenic microbes. Green Walls vertical garden looks great in the living room, next to the bedroom or study.

Living green wall and mobile landscaping systems can realize any innovative design ideas. From stylish interior design to various holiday themes, whether it is a significant event in the company, anniversary, important business negotiations, New Year’s office decoration. There is no limit to creative thought!


Money invested in beauty and comfort will be paid back many times by the profit of your company in the main activity. Call us, and we will answer all your questions.

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