Free Weekends? Here Are Some Upgrades & Fixes for Your Home

Home Improvement

If you have found yourself with more spare time on the weekends lately, instead of getting stuck into a Netflix marathon, it’s a great idea to use your time more productively by tackling a few upgrades, improvements, or fixes at home. To get the juices flowing, here are a few quick ideas to inspire you.

Replace the Filters

Filters are present in various appliances at home, but we rarely remember to replace them. This leads to poor air quality, water which isn’t as clear, and a host of other potential contributing issues.

Run through the different filters that might already be in use at home. This could include the AC units, water jug filters, whole house water systems, reverse osmosis, and under sink filters too. To find high-quality filter replacements and locate everything that’s needed, check out

Do Your Walls Need a Fresh Coat of Paint?

If you’re like most homeowners, you didn’t necessarily paint all the walls in every room when you first moved in. Besides the fact that some may still have had wallpaper on them, several rooms probably got left as they were, with a tentative plan made to get to them later.

These rooms where the paintwork is older may now be looking a little shabby. Whether that’s just how long it has been since its last lick of paint or the kids have been running around with sticky fingers, there’s not much to be done other than repaint that room to start anew.

Play around with color palette ideas. Find one that’s a bit different from what’s already present but will still fit in with the furnishings. That way, it’ll look new when complete but won’t be out of place.

Add a New Element to the Front Porch

Think about what new element can be added to the front of the home to make it fresh and new again. Ideas might include a couple of large potted plants in decorative plant holders on either side of the front door or some hanging plants for covered porches. Also, consider an entrance mat with a welcoming message. It’s these small touches that create a pleasing first impression for friends and family who may visit during the holidays.

Focus on the Bathroom

What needs fixing, replacing, or repairing in the bathroom? Perhaps there’s a leaky faucet that you haven’t had time to get around to yet? Would the floor benefit from a deep cleaning using a handheld steam cleaner? Alternatively, how clean do the bathroom tiles look? Is the grout a little dirty now, where a good scrub with baking soda or vinegar and a toothbrush could bring them right back to their natural color again?

Furthermore, if there’s a cracked or broken tile or glass pane, is it possible to replace it without great expense or inconvenience? See what workarounds are possible to deal with these little annoyances.

Using your time productively is beneficial for your home, but it also brings satisfaction. Instead of needing to bring someone in, learning to do much of the work yourself is cost-efficient. A win-win for homeowners.

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