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Thermostatic mixer (thermostatic mixer) is a device designed to automatically maintain a given water temperature, as well as its constant pressure ( flow).

Therefore, thermostats for a bath, shower or sink have two controls. On one side of the mixer-thermostat there is a temperature scale on which you independently set the one you need. You can set a new thermostat temperature at any time.

This regulator is equipped with a limiter: by pressing the safety button, you cannot set a value over 38 degrees Celsius. If you like “hot”, the regulator must be removed from the fuse.

Thermostat benefits

The advantages of thermostatic mixers are undeniable.

If you do not remove the thermostat from the limiters, thermostatic mixers allow you not to waste excess water, and also protect you from scalding with boiling water or from unpleasant “cheering” by an ice stream.

The efficiency factor becomes more and more relevant with the installation of water meters, and the second point is important for many reasons:

Thermostatic mixers are indispensable for your bathrooms, when the water pressure jumps in the apartment and the temperature of the water flow depends on the mood of the neighbors to use cold water. Mixers thermostats are designed in such a way that regardless of the water pressure at the inlet, you get the desired outlet temperature constantly. If the supply of cold (or hot) water suddenly stops, the central thermostatic mixer will automatically shut off the water for just 2 seconds. With a conventional mixer you run the risk of scalding, especially in the shower. Check the reference guidelines at blackhawksupply.com.

Temperature jumps are not uncommon when using instantaneous water heaters. During operation, the thermostat will compensate for surges and keep the temperature unchanged.

As a rule, in country houses an autonomous system is used to obtain hot water, which heats water to 70-80 C (versus 45-55 C flowing from the central water supply). Safe thermostatic mixers are called safe. You just set a comfortable temperature and then you just have to adjust the water pressure.

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