Building a Home With Resale Value in Mind

Home Improvement

Building a home is an exciting yet time-consuming project filled with hundreds of decisions both big and small. Although it’s difficult to think of selling a house while it’s under construction, keeping the home’s resale value in mind while making decisions is important. Focus on what you can enjoy now and not potentially have to replace later.

Premium Hardwood Flooring

Floors usually get the most wear and tear of any part of the house. Choosing premium hardwood flooring can save money in the long run because, unlike carpet, it doesn’t have to be replaced every few years. Hardwood floors can take a beating and still look beautiful. They are also generally easy to clean. Hardwood floors can add to your enjoyment now and increase your home’s value later.

Upgraded Kitchen Appliances

High-end kitchen appliances can give you joy while you live and cook in your home, and because you can’t take them with you, raise the resale value of your home if you ever need to sell. Considering all the time spent in the kitchen, it makes sense to spend the money upfront on quality appliances like a five-burner stovetop, an extra-capacity sink or a flexible space dishwasher.

Water-Smart Landscaping

Choosing plants to beautify your yard while not driving your utility bills sky high is a decision that both you and future owners of your property will likely appreciate. A little research on native plants combined with water-smart landscaping can save money on your water bill. Whether your yard is filled with blooming cactus or sweet-smelling roses, a resource-efficient yard can be beautiful and smart.

No one knows what twists and turns life will throw at them, from a new job in another city to a surprise addition to the family. Knowing that you have practiced responsible decision-making on the front end of home building will make the selling process – if it does happen – smoother. And if you’re lucky enough to live in your dream home for years and years, your future self will thank you for the wise decisions you made at the beginning of the home-building process.

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