A Hard Choice: Granite or Marble Flooring

Home Improvement

Home and commercial property owners have many flooring options when deciding to upgrade. Wood and carpet have been popular for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and reception areas over the years. Natural stone, however, has assumed status in kitchens, bathrooms and high-traffic areas for its durability, beauty and moisture resistance. Since flooring installations are meant to be long-lasting solutions, consider the following characteristics of the two traditional stone players, marble and granite, when deciding what to choose if you must install.

Unnecessary Replacement

First, think about whether you need to replace existing flooring in the first place. Even worn and stained wood and stone can be refurbished by floor polishing Manhattan NY. In fact, you should implement polishing, sealing and other maintenance routines for both relatively new and well-worn floors.


Marble has stood the test of time in museums and high-rises for decades. This stone is elegant, heavy and durable; it is considered classic. Marble is cool to the touch, a characteristic that can reduce the ambient temperature in a building. Marble also ages gracefully, attaining a natural patina over time; however, light, creamy colors are the best choices for marble. Keep in mind, marble flooring can be the most costly one, though part of the appeal is that it is relatively chip-resistant.


Granite, while easier to chip, is even more durable than marble, though it may chip and crack more easily. It is also less costly per square yard. Granite resists staining since it is a relatively non-porous material. It also looks more natural than marble, which may be a factor for or against in your decision-making; this stone is more appealing in darker colors.

You may gravitate to other stones, or even wood, when considering commercial or home flooring. Whatever you choose, at the same time budget for maintenance that you can lay down year after year.

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