6 Home Maintenance Tasks To Perform Every Month

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While there are many advantages to owning a home, there is also a lot of maintenance involved. Upkeep is important to ensure the safety of your property and preserve its value. Timing of maintenance tasks is significant as well. Some should be performed more often than others. Here are some home maintenance tasks to perform on a monthly basis.

1. Inspect the Foundation

You do not need to do anything too in-depth. Just take a stroll around your property once a month and take a good look at your house foundation. Look for large cracks and other indications of a severe problem. Small hairline cracks are normal and not usually cause for any concern.

2. Test Detectors

You need to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every six months. However, you should perform a test more often to see if they are working properly. There should be a test button on each unit that you can press to perform your test.

3. Check Plumbing for Leaks

Pay particular attention to sinks and toilets. Look for signs of water going where it is not supposed to be. Be diligent and proactive in checking for leaks and resolving them, whether as a do-it-yourself project or by hiring a plumber.

4. Look at Caulking and Grout

In addition to checking for leaks that have already formed, guard against future leaks by checking the grout and the caulking around showers and tubs. If you find any voids or cracks, touch them up. This not only helps to prevent water seepage, it also helps to keep your bathroom looking nice.

5. Attend to Furnace Filters

This should be a common task, but the exact frequency depends upon the type of filters you use. Some filters are disposable and need to be changed out every month, while others can last for several months at a time. Some filters are reusable and need to be cleaned. The frequency with which your reusable filter may need cleaning can vary. The manufacturer may have helpful suggestions. You may also need to clean the filter more often if you have family members with allergies or pets in the house. Inspect it once a month and clean it if necessary. If you use disposable filters, follow the manufacturer’s guidance for replacing them.

6. Check the Vent Hood Filter

Because the vent hood filter in the kitchen is out of sight, many homeowners forget about it. However, it can collect materials that could cause a fire hazard. Check the filter monthly and replace or clean it if necessary.

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