Here Are Some Ways To Give Your House A Vintage Touch

Home Decor

Home decoration or designing can be fun when you work with an idea. Along with furniture, decorative pieces, and appliances, you get to play with colors. It is more an interesting process. For instance, if you want to for a vintage theme then you better research the things you require. And look for the elements that can add more character to your house.

If you wonder why then you must know that vintage houses have a different but unique tone. Their style and structure have a character that entices you. In case you want to replicate that vintage style by adding the retro touch in your house then here is what you need to do:

Get some classic window shutters

Aluminum shutters for windows are perfect for your vintage-inspired home. You can even customize them according to the retro theme. They’ll add a more classic tone to your place. Also, you can consider them for your bedrooms, living area, even kitchen areas.

Go for the wallpapers

As each room’s main focal point is the walls, wallpapers play a vital role. They do make a difference when you are renovating your house. It’s not easy to find the ones that you have been looking for. It’s ideal if you visit the market. Or, consider any online supplier to get the retro wallpapers that match your theme.

Classic tableware

When you talk about vintage pieces in the house, the first thing that you can relate to is tableware. You can visit any antique, second-hand or even flea market to get them. Along with them, you can even get the cutleries to match with it. This set of matching dinner sets and the tableware will add a vintage look to your kitchen and dining.

A retro suite

If you compare modern suites with retro-styled suites you’ll find a huge difference between color patterns. Modern suites are whiter that make them look more spacious. Whereas, retro suites used to be more colorful and packed. To keep up with that theme, you have to go for a color pop like olive green or blush pink.

Upgrade the landscape

Whether in front or backyard, you need to upgrade your landscape. Chop off the excess weed that tends to destroy your grass. Also, water the plants and add more greenery to make it look beautiful. People in retro days were minimal and attached to nature that’s why upgrading your landscape can make a huge difference.

The outer look

Similar to the interior of your house, exterior details also matter. You have to add a fresh coat of paint to make your house look all shiny. Along with that you better want to get rid of your old patio and get a new one that matches your vintage theme. To that effect, it’ll be great if you trade your old patio. In this way, you can get some money that you can further use to retro style your patio.

Color selection

When it comes to color selection for a vintage-inspired house, then you must know there is a huge difference between modern and retro house. To keep up with retro styling you have to go crazy on the color palate. If you wonder why then vintage color themes have different colors and patterns. From swinging sixties to elegant forties, there are a lot of color themes that you can follow. The key tip is to give your house a soft touch that matches the woodwork and another décor.

Make use of old furniture

Redecorating or adding vintage touches in your house doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your old furniture. Apart from getting rid of it, you can simply try some cool DIY projects that can help you convert your modern furniture into retro-inspired furniture. Instead of spending too extra on buying a furniture set, all you can do is restore your old furniture.

Shop smart

Don’t go too extra with buying everything that looks vintage. It’ll be too odd for you to spend your money like that. Instead of getting everything that matches your theme, go for DIY projects. Do-it-yourself vintage projects are nice and cost-effective. In this way, you can shop smart by spending on things you really want.

Stripped furniture

Apart from being basic and functional, vintage-inspired homes look great with stripped furniture. They give your home a retro vibe and minimal look that keeps the style more practical. You don’t have to spend too extra on buying retro furniture. All you need to do is get some vintage stripped paint or polish and use it over your home décor, furniture or antique pieces. Sometimes, you should let your home décor speak for you.

Go for one room at a time

Trying to renovate different rooms can baffle you. That’s why it is ideal to go to one room at a time. Whether you want to style a bathroom or conservatory, you should know what you are going for. It’s better to prepare your mind before styling and focus on it. Also, don’t overlook the ideas, just go for the style you like.

The bottom line

If you give a closer look, retro styling your house is not as expensive as it is considered. You can get a vintage-inspired home by staying in your budget. Also, there are a lot of ways to do that.

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