When Was the Last Time You Had Your Roof Inspected?

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Seasons can be tough on any roof and house exterior. With the weather becoming more extreme in the UK, an inspection can highlight issues that need attention before serious problems show themselves.

When you’re in the market for a completely new roof or just a roofing repair, there are several elements to assess and consider when looking for a roofing company or general contractor. A team effort-style work ethic is definitely great to see within a roofing company so that you can be sure your job is completed by an experienced group that communicates with you and with each other. That core value will lead to a focus on project completion and a compassion for your needs and your satisfaction, rather than only pay for just another job. Professional roofers will maintain communication throughout the entire repair or restoration process so that you understand every stage. And that professionalism should extend long after your roof has been finished, but should include daily clean-up, efficient labour time, and a focus on safety.

Before even getting started on repairs or restorations, an accurate estimate up-front should be a requirement of yours. And a professional roofing contractor will give you a truthful quote and estimation of the damage so that you know what you absolutely need and what you can afford. It is also a must to find a company that will work in conjunction with your insurance company and who has had experience filing claims on your behalf if this is required.

A new roof is a very large investment, so you can’t just choose any contractor to complete the job. Such a large project requires some research on the home owner’s part to find the best contractor for the project. Don’t be shy when discussing estimates and the work to be done, your roof is a vital portion of your home and it cannot be left up to just anyone to handle.
Some signs that your roof needs a serious assessment are places where the roof deck is sagging, dark spots or trails on shingles, outside light showing through, or signs of leaking or water damage. These can all be checked from the inside. From the outside, look for missing, cracked, or torn shingles, loose material or wear around vents, chimneys, or pipes, excessive shingle granules in gutters, signs of moisture or mold, and be sure to examine for proper draining in gutters and downspouts. It is also a good idea to make sure that your bath, kitchen, and dryer vents are tunneled all the way to the outside and don’t vent into attic space.

Now that you’re somewhat equipped with where to begin, perhaps starting the steps of your roof repair or replacement won’t seem so challenging, and you can ensure that you will be leak-proof for years to come with the right roofing specialist. You can check vetted, experienced and highly skilled Roofing companies in your area online, to help you make informed decisions on who to hire.


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