Understanding the 3 Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

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The summer is finally here, and if you’re like most people, you can’t wait to dive into your swimming pool. While the sweet relief of cold water is one of the most enjoyable parts of summer, cleaning the pool is probably not. Using nets and vacuums can be a time-consuming task, which is why many pool owners tend to purchase an automatic cleaner to help reduce the amount of work involved or remove it altogether. However, when it comes to automatic pool cleaners, you have at least three options to choose from.

Pressure-Side Cleaners

Some of the more common automatic pool cleaners pittsburgh are pressure-side cleaners. These cleaners rely on your pools pump and filter. These cleaners use the water from the pressurized side of your pump to scrub and clean the bottom of your pool, hence the name. The pressurized water works by powering the wheels and allowing for suction from the base of the machine, pulling dirt and debris into the filter.

Suction-Side Cleaners

Similar to the pressure-side cleaner the suction-side pool vacuum also uses your pools pump and filter for cleaning. However, these cleaners do not rely on the pressure side of the pump. The pump provides all the suction for the vacuum, which may lead to an increased electric bill. These cleaners are often recommended for first-time pool owners because of the ease of use. However, your filter will need to be back-washed, and the basket cleaned out after each use.


Robotic cleaners are the most advanced versions of automatic pool cleaners available, and they are self-powered. Therefore, you do not need to attach them to your pool’s water circulation system or pump. Simply, drop them in the water and watch them go. Unfortunately, these cleaners are typically the most expensive options for owners.

Automatic pool cleaners are useful tools for pool owners, and they help to eliminate the dread of ownership. There are three options pool cleaners, including pressure, suction and robotic. The best choice depends on your specific needs and price point.

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