Routine Tasks That Will Improve Your Homes Indoor Air Quality

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Your indoor air quality can have a considerable impact on your health. Air pollutants can trigger certain symptoms and increase the risk of developing serious health problems. Given that many of us spend over 90% of our time indoors, it is advisable to adopt certain habits that will help keep the indoor air quality in your home optimal. It is also very surprising how much yearly maintenance will do to your HVAC system and air quality.


Regularly dusting your home can significantly improve your air quality. However, using a duster tends to cause the dust to relocate further down. Once you have dusted the room, be sure to vacuum. Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner, and it will be a strong ally in reducing air pollutants in the home. Besides dust, it can also help sweep up other allergens like pollen and pet hair.

Be sure also thoroughly vacuum your carpets and sofas. Though not very visible, these furnishings tend to hold a lot of dust and other pollutants in their fabric. After vacuuming, wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to trap any other lingering particles.

Service Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are used to help regulate temperatures in the home. They are heavily involved in circulating air and therefore can strongly impact air quality. Air filters are available that help clean the air as it circulates through the AC system, removing many pollutants that can cause health problems like dust and pollen.

These filters and air ducts will gradually become dirty, making it necessary to change and clean them regularly. It is also advisable to have your air conditioning system regularly serviced to help prolong its life and reduce the incidents of costly breakdowns and repairs. Contracting an HVAC specialist is a good way to ensure your air conditioning unit is properly cleaned and serviced and keeps it working and in good condition for longer.

Air While Cooking

Whether you use a wood-burning stove, gas cooker, or electric burner, harmful pollutants are released into the air every time you cook. This can include carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and soot. Repeated inhalation of such contaminants can have dire effects on human health.

This is why you should make it a habit of cooking with the kitchen windows open. If you have a cooking vent, be sure to turn it on when cooking to help draw out contaminated air and better preserve the air quality in your home.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a great way to clean your indoor air as they work exclusively to capture air pollutants. They draw in air in a room, filter it and release it back. It can also release negative ions that destroy lingering airborne bacteria and viruses. Also, they are particularly helpful in the spring when the pollen count is at its peak.

Keep Out Smoke

Smoking tobacco products can release thousands of different chemical pollutants into the air. Even for those who do not smoke, second-hand smoke can be hazardous and cause lung cancer. The airborne pollutants released can linger on walls and furniture, causing harm to human health, even long after the smoker has left.

Smoke from candles and incense sticks should also be avoided as they release harmful carbon monoxide and dioxide into the air. The fine particles and odor can also linger for a long time. If you must partake in these activities, find an outdoor area to enjoy them and form a habit of taking off the clothes worn when you come in and showering immediately.

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