No Garden? No Problem! 3 Patio and Balcony Garden Ideas

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While it is every homeowner’s dream to have a garden to relax in during the summer months, the sad truth is that many properties just simply don’t have the space. Thanks to more areas becoming build up and space for homes seemingly becoming smaller, especially in urban settings, many people aren’t able to enjoy having a garden on their property – or are they?

We’re of the belief that a garden is what you make it, and even the smallest patio or balcony can be turned into a mini garden space – you just need the right gardening supplies!

Use Your Vertical Space

As lack of floor space will be your main drawback, it’s time to start getting creative with the space that you do have. Vertical space is often forgotten about when it comes to gardening, with many people focussing on flower beds and lawns rather than walls and fences.

Recycling pallets by standing them vertically and backing them with landscaping fabric is a great way to create a simple, compact planter – perfect for a small space! It is advised to let your plants to establish themselves by keeping the pallet flat for a few weeks. This is to let the roots strengthen so that when you stand it up, they don’t come tumbling out.

Window Boxes

Reminiscent of quaint cottages out in the countryside, window boxes are actually a great way to create a small, compact garden which can easily sit in the window you’re your property, or even out on your patio or balcony.

They’re especially handy for creating your own herb garden which can sit happily in your kitchen window, giving you access to fresh herbs that you’ve grown yourself – no more dried supermarket herbs!

Hanging Baskets and Pots

Let’s use some more of that vertical space that you have and put up some hanging baskets or pots to create a hanging garden.

The whole reason hanging baskets exist is to be hung up and filled with beautiful blooms. Trailing plants are always great to create an interesting arrangement.

However, choosing pots creates a more interesting focal point which can help detract from the small space. We’d recommend planting plants which won’t grow too big, as this can make the space feel claustrophobic.

Experiment with a variety of different styles of pot and even try different layouts to create a visually appealing feature that doesn’t require much effort. Young plants work better in these pots, as they will be able to establish themselves around the robs holding the pots in place rather than disturb an already established plant.

Gardens don’t have to consist of rolling lawns and packed out flower beds – it’s what you make it to be. Even the smallest house can create their own garden – will you start work on yours?

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