3 Losses Covered by Comprehensive Auto Insurance

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Liability coverage covers the cost of damages you are liable to pay as the result of the operation of your covered vehicle. Collision coverage covers damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle, person or object. Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle caused by a variety of events that are not covered by collision coverage. These are three of the types of losses that may be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

1. Replacement Keys

Most modern vehicles come with keys with computer chips and electronic features that can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. Some comprehensive insurance policies cover car key duplication Orlando, to replace lost, stolen or damaged keys.

2. Damage From a Collision With an Animal

Many auto owners mistakenly think that collisions with animals are covered under collision coverage; however, they are usually covered by comprehensive coverage. This coverage includes damage caused by large animals, such as deer and cows and small animals, such as raccoons or household pets. The coverage applies whether your vehicle struck the animal, or the animal ran into your vehicle. However, if you strike an animal that has property value, such as a farm animal, you will need liability coverage to cover amounts you may owe due to injury to the animal caused by the accident.

3. Theft

Most comprehensive policies include coverage for the cost of recovering, repairing or replacing a stolen vehicle. There may also be some coverage for contents stolen from the vehicle and any damage done during the break-in, such as a broken window. This coverage usually requires a police report to be filed.

Comprehensive coverage protects your covered vehicle against losses that are not covered by collision coverage. However, the specific coverages provided vary from policy to policy. You should consult with your insurance professional to determine the exact coverages your policy provides.

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