What to Consider When Buying a House?


The decision to buy a house is very important, so before choosing a house you should analyse different aspects that can generate long-term consequences.

Here, we tell you what you must take into account, what things you should review, where you can search, and we give you advice and recommendations so that you can make the best decision.

The first thing will always be to define what are the needs of your family and the budget that you plan to allocate to the investment. Always keep in mind that there are other obligations that you cannot ignore, and you must plan your finances well.

Key points of the house

Among the aspects that you must review are the property, the area, the type of house (whether new or second hand), number of rooms, bathrooms, and the built area in square metres.

In addition, the location is an important point that cannot be left out. The advisable thing is that it is a property that is near your place of work, and within an easy driving distance of shopping centres, entertainment, etc. Also, keep in mind the educational needs of your children. Finally, check the access routes, as this will help you have better mobility around the area.

Where to find a home to buy?

Online, you have the opportunity to see a wide range of housing projects available in several cities and municipalities of the country, free of charge and with the possibility of using filters to make your search faster and according to your needs. Also, you can see new properties for sale and second-hand properties.

Most websites provide plenty of details regarding the properties, with photos, which will give you an idea of ​​the space, characteristics, and location of a property. You will also find the contact number for the seller/agent.

Recommendations when buying a home

Before making a final decision, look at several options, do not become overwhelmed with excitement by the first home that meets your criteria. If you have already defined an area, for example, Mornington in Co. Meath, schedule several appointments to see suitable houses in Mornington. Compare them and analyse the advantages of each house and the area. Also, take note of prices, services, and other details and analyse them calmly with your family.

Do not rush! Many families take between two and four months from the moment they start looking for housing until they find the right one, so do not worry. Remember that the acquisition of a home is one of the most important decisions in life.

Financing your house purchase

A bad decision can have consequences and more when it comes to investing in housing. If you do not save you are committing a serious mistake because not having accumulated capital will make it very difficult to purchase since most financial institutions only lend up to 90% of the value of the home.

Remember that you can finance the purchase of your home with a range of different mortgages. The best mortgage solution is one that adjusts to your ability to pay and the way your income varies.

Use an online mortgage calculator to know your debt capacity and the value of monthly installments for a selection of different mortgage solutions, before making your final choice of lender and mortgage type.


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