Two common types of ant Invaders and how to keep them out of your home


There are over ten thousand of ant species in the world, which makes it difficult to notice which species are infesting your home, even when you look at a long trail of them. You must know the kind of species you are handling because different species have different treatment methods. But while there is a large number of ant species, only a few of these species invade your house.

It is wise if you get help from an experienced specialist for ant control to identify the kind of ant that is in your house and determine the appropriate treatment method. He/she will provide you with accurate identification of the ant from its trail if it is present, its behaviours, and the appearance of their nest. These characteristics vary amongst all the ant species.

Some ants bite, others sting, while there are those which both sting and bite. Below is a list of the common ants that you might encounter and the appropriate treatment method to use in handling them in or near your home

Odorous ants

Odorous ants are the most common ants that invade houses in search of food. They have a terrible smell when they are smashed or crushed, and because of this, they are also called stinking ants. Some odorous ants are brown, others black in colour and are about eight-inch in the length of their body. They do not bite and not so dangerous, but they can contaminate your food, which poses a health threat for you and your family.

If you notice a large number of ants, especially in your kitchen, it is a sign odorous ants infested your house. They love feeding on sugary food. You might also notice a bad odour if you step on them. Contact pest control service to help with ants around your home; they will help you locate the source of the infestation and carry out a successful treatment plan.

Carpenter Ants

This kind of species is black, but there are others with a combination of both brown and black colour. Carpenter ants eat a variety of foods, including meat, honey, and even it’s kind. Carpenter ants do not eat wood but excavate it to create holes for nesting.

If you notice your furniture sounds hollow when tapped on, or spot trails of sawdust, then carpenter ants are in your house. Trails of sawdust indicate that carpenter ants might have bored holes in your furniture.

Carpenter ants do not pose any threats to your health, but they can cause severe damages to your property. They depend on water to survive, so to prevent them from entering your house, get rid of all the stagnating water around your home and any source of moisture. Chop any tree branches that are near your house. Sometimes they act as pathways for these pests to enter your home. Seal off all the cracks and any little openings around your doors and windows. And lastly, store your firewood or any building materials away from your home — Carpenter ants like building their nets in a stack of wood.

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