Practical Storage Hacks


Garages, basements, attics… the perfect places for hidden clutter. Are you tired of digging through boxes to find something you’re looking for only to have the rest of the mess tumble down? Look no further. Check out this guide for practical, long-lasting storage updates that will keep your nest in order for years to come.

Set the Stage

All good storage areas are smartly designed to outlast the wear and tear of daily life. Start by analyzing your designated space, whether it be a spare room or garage, and determine if structural improvements are necessary. Look for leaks, rotten wood, and loose floorboards, especially if your storage space is in an unfinished part of the home. Bring in proper professionals to fix any issues to ensure repairs are done right. If your storage flooring is jagged and unfinished, consider adding Epoxy concrete floor for a shiny, protective finish.

Smart Organization

After prepping the space, remove everything from current storage cabinets and bins. Throw away old, unwanted items and bring only prized possessions and necessities into the updated area. If you haven’t used something in one year, toss it. Clutter accumulates at rapid speeds, so any purging done now will free up space for future needs. Next, organize your things by category. For example, if you are tackling the basement, group all holiday décor pieces together, while placing hardware tools in designated pile. Note smaller items, such as screws, batteries, and spare parts, and shop for practical storage bins to contain the messes. Consider clear stacking bins on sturdy shelving units to make items easy to locate and access. Label containers with contents and seasons, if applicable, placing the most frequently used items in the front. If you are storing things in a basement or attic, make sure boxes are fully sealed to avoid dust build-up and rodent infestation. Other garage storage ideas include hanging bulkier items, such as skis, snowboards, and bicycles, on wall hooks to free up floor space.

Continuous Upkeep

Perhaps the most overlooked part of home organization is frequent maintenance. Carve out time every month to clean and review the space. Spray garage floors with a hose, or use a large industrial broom, to remove dust and keep the space spotless. As new seasons roll around, examine possessions and continue to donate to avoid breeding clutter. 

With a game plan and commitment to organization, you’ll be well on your way to storage sanity! 

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