Maximizing Space with A Petite Powerhouse


Many homeowners are tapping into the trend of turning sheds into an extension of their home. The main uses have traditionally ranged from a car garage to using it as a storage shed, but the marriage of innovation and creativity have many using them as studio sheds. Not only are they practical to use for a wide range of purposes, but they are also one of the cheapest alternatives to any other constructed dwelling. Most shed sizes range from 8×8 up to 14×36 and can be customized with accessories like windows, barn doors, shelves, and even a porch. While designed in principle for material objects, sheds can be transformed for living space.

Planning for New Space

It’s important to spend some time considering why you need additional space, and how it will be used the majority of the time. Your requirements will be quite different if you only need a tool shed than if you’re planning for an art studio. You probably won’t spend much time inside a tool shed, whereas, an artist studio will become a haven to unleash creativity.

Sheds have become popular and are an excellent option for hobbyist because you get to work and keep all the necessary materials in one place. You have the peace of mind that this type of work can be completed without messing up the house. Another reason sheds have risen in popularity is that it combines long-lasting materials with a forward-looking aspect. The structures are either made of treated wood, vinyl or metal, can be totally insulated, and can have an elegant or contemporary appearance that blends well with the home. Not to mention, sheds can add value to your current home.

Increasing Your Home’s Worth

There are often many factors to consider when deciding which improvements really add value to your property, but every realty professional says extending your home, even with a simple shed can increase its net worth. An addition of a family room, home office, or garden studio can boost a home’s value by 65 percent. According to real estate experts, if you add extended living quarters, like a family room or small guest house, you can expect up to a 62 percent return on your investment. Many homeowners with limited budgets are not in the market to extend their current home with new rooms, thus sheds have opened up a new wave of possibilities that still increase the home’s value.

Creating a separate bungalow with the use of sheds makes homes appealing to a new groups of home buyers. This is an affordable approach to helping a home feel more expansive. Homeowners can also consider interior designs on a budget. Lastly, many homeowners do not have a luxury home office, nor do they have the extra room to transform into an office. the average home office renovation costs around $ 20,000, and a shed costs only a fraction of that amount. Most people only require good lighting and space to begin with, another reason sheds are the new trend.

The question is, can your shed offer benefit to your pockets? Absolutely. When you think of sheds, most of us gravitate towards thoughts of a garage or simple tool shed, however, they’re also a good solution for extended living space.

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