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Throughout the year we must carry out tasks of care and maintenance of the garden, to get this look green and beautiful Lawn Care Guide. But when the cold winter arrives, it will be necessary to reinforce the care and pay more attention to our plants and trees to prevent them from suffering damages. If you live in an area with strong frost and low temperatures, you should protect these living beings and prevent them from dying during the winter season. With this article about how you can take care of the garden.

Steps to follow:

  1. When the first cold weather arrives, it will be fundamental to cover the most vulnerable plants and flowers with a cloth, canvas, plastic … to avoid them being harmed by frost. You can see here more tips on how to care for plants in winter.
  2. You should also bear in mind that during the winter the plants need less water and fertilizer, since they initiate a kind of lethargy process, during which they require less nutrients to live.
  3. When watering, choose the hottest times of the day and try not to wet the plant, because when temperatures drop, the water remains could become frozen and be harmful to plants.
  4. As for the trees, it is important to water them well during the fall so that they retain sufficient moisture in winter. Also, it is advisable to cover the trees with a mesh to prevent damage, especially citrus fruits, as their fruits and buds are delicate.
  5. Another option to take care of your garden in winter, if you have enough space and resources, are the greenhouses. In this way, we can shelter our plants and shrubs from frost and freezing winter. We offer you here another article on how to choose a good greenhouse.
  6. On the care of the lawn of the garden during the winter season, it is important to carry out certain actions so that it stays green and alive. Also, it is not recommended to completely cut the lawn when winter comes, discover the steps to follow in this article on how to save my lawn.
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  8. Once we have decided to plant grass, it should be noted that the answer to when to plant grass will be: spring and autumn, the seasons of the year more temperate and with milder temperatures.
  9. Depending on the type of climate in your region or country, it is also possible to plant grass in summer, provided that the temperatures are not too high, that they do not exceed 30ºC. Also, it will be important that during the sowing or planting of the lawn the minimum temperatures are not below 10ºC.
  10. In addition to the time to plant the lawn, before putting yourself to plant it will be important to take into account the necessary recommendations about irrigation, fertilizer, maintenance, etc. So in a how we suggest you visit our article how to plant grass.

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