How water damages your home


Water is the blessing of God but water present in unwanted places, due to flood or leakage can cause frustration, stress and   problems for property owners. It can ruin your valuable objects and property if not treated immediately. It can damage your property to an extent if not taken care of immediately. The objects in your home are made of different materials like wood, metal, cloth, plastic and electronics. Some of them can be salvaged like carpet can be washed and furniture may be saved but electronics are mostly damaged if water enters them.

There are many reasons that water enters your home. It may be due to heavy rainstorm or leakage or burst pipe or blockage in sewer pipes or sanitary appliances or due to water hoses to extinguish the fire. You cannot ignore even little water or moisture which can cause mold and mildew growth within days. Mold spread very quickly ruining walls, floors, furniture, carpets and badly affects the air quality within the affected area. Mold spores causes respiratory problems, asthma and other serious health issues leading to death sometimes.

Cleanup for water damage is important to be done by professional cleaning and restoration technicians to make your home moisture free and safe from mold. Rust and corrosion may also destroy the pipes and electrical appliances. Standing water for days can weaken the structure of building and may cause health risk illnesses such as Malaria and dengue. Contaminated water is a proper breeding place for parasites and bacteria, which is harmful for health.

Cleaning companies are skilled and experienced in dealing with water damage issues. After making survey of affected area, they make planning how to deal with the cleanup and repair and minimize the water damage quickly to prevent further issues.

Here are some safety tips which you can do before technicians arrive for cleaning and repairing.

  1. Shut off the electrical power of your home for safety.
  2. In case of burst or leakage in pipes or broken washing machine, shut off main water supply.
  3. Remove soaked items like carpets, mats, furniture and other moveable things from affected area for drying.
  4. Open windows and doors if possible, to invite fresh air which helps in drying. Use dehumidifier or air exhaust to reduce moisture inside the home.
  5. Try to eliminate or restrict water by using mops, towels, buckets and wet vacuum. Use sump pump to evacuate water if possible.
  6. Call your insurance adjuster to make survey, so that you can claim afterwards for the repair expenses.

When the water damage company arrives, their technicians check the source of water and start the cleaning up and drying water as soon as possible to prevent more damage. They are equipped with latest technologies and machines to eliminate water completely. They have experts skilled in dealing in repairing every fault in plumbing or natural water disaster. They have professional tools for sanitizing, deodorizing and dehumidification to eliminate water damage from home. They remove the damaged materials and try to restore the objects and rebuild the floorings, drywall, hardwood and cabinets.

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