How to Install a new TV at home or office


Everyone in their homes definitely have a TV. It is considered as basic as other home electronics in a home. Your favourite cartoons, news, dramas and movies everything is at one place. Also it was the only source of entertainment before hand gadgets come into existence. No matter what, TV always have its own place in every home. The big screen with more good sound effect and visuals. Now, here we are going to tell you how you can mount a TV in your home or at your office with some easy and basic steps.

Common places to mount your TV:

Angles does matter to the picture quality and so does the place. To make your home loom pretty with a TV you need to know where to put that TV on. We have listed some common and good places you can install your TV on

  • Living room every living room needs a TV. So, If you don’t have one. Mount it here.
  • Bedroom TV in bedrooms are a new trend. And people definitely love to watch TV while getting comfy in their beds.
  • Above the fireplace this is considered as the idol place for a TV
  • Home office a TV point installation for your home office is essential for you to keep an ear on news. Also it may help in displaying slides and videos.

Process of same day tv installation:

  • Contact your local professional for a quote.
  • A technician will come and access the best spot for your room and wall setup. Considering factors like positioning, cable length, splitters, signal impact, wall type and studs
  • Technician will begin the TV point installation process which can vary according to home, wall and location of TV.
  • Splitting the signals after lead in cable connected to your TV antenna.
  • After that, run the cable inwards or outwards so where you need more TV connections.
  • Double check the cable.
  • Adding connecters and screws into TV outlet on the wall.
  • What If the technician has ran the cable outdoor? You need no worry about the whether. They will weather proof the part of the cable which is outdoor.
  • Coming towards the final steps, they will connect any further device you need like TV, DVD player etc. Or any kind of Internet devices so you can live stream on TV. They’ll do it all by themselves.

Here you go now, you TV is mount on the wall of your home where you wanted it. And now your TV has installed well. Protected well from the rainy weather. And you are good to go. To watch your favourite drama and movies while eating popcorns and pizzas. And having fun with friends.

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