How to choose an ergonomic office chair


A poor sitting position is one of the most common mechanical cause of back pain.

That’s why having an ergonomic or pedicure chair is a central part of your office furniture. We do not repeat it enough: it is the furniture on which you sit 8 hours a day about 240 days a year and it must correspond to your needs in terms of ergonomics. How to know what suits you? We give you 3 tips.

1. Adapt your furniture to your ergonomic needs

There are three elements that play in ergonomics: the office chair, but also the worktop and the floor. Ideally, all three elements should be adjustable. That’s why our office furniture range includes worktops that allow height adjustment (mechanically or even motorized!).

Among the features of office desks, besides electrification columns and design, comfort is of great importance. For example, a good work plan should be deep enough to allow the user to position themselves well. We speak of a minimum depth of 70 cm, but most of our offices make a minimum of 80 cm.

2. The ergonomic office chair: the essential element

For smaller budgets, it is on the office chair that will have to focus your requirements. For your office, it is imperative to take an adjustable chair at all levels: – the height, – the depth of the seat, – the inclination, – the orientation (360 ° most of the time), – the mobility (with different types of casters depending on the type of floor), – even the armrests (if you want).

But that’s not all! Do you know why most of our chairs and office chairs have a rounded seating area at the front and curved towards the floor? To limit the blood pressure in your thighs and back of the knees.

Another important factor to take into account: choose a material that will not make you slip, such as leather or other non-slip fabric.

Finally, the top of the top for fragile back, is to have a full record. In this way your lumbar area will be supported at all times.

3. Sit down at your desk: set your office chair

You have chosen your ergonomic office chair, but how do you know if you’re sitting position is good or not? The most common answer is the 90 ° rule. Your pelvis must be glued to the back of your pedicure chair for sale, and the solid back will make you stand upright without you having to put in any effort.

Then you need to adjust your seat so that your lower limbs form a 90 ° angle in three places:

  1. between the thighs and the trunk;
  2. at the knees;
  3. Between the leg and the foot.

After the lower limbs, pay attention to your upper limbs and move into the depth of the office with the following tips:

  • your belly should be within a few inches of your worktop;
  • your forearms should rest on the table, if not completely at least 2/3;
  • If you do not feel your fingers anymore, it means that your worktop is too high in relation to your chair, and that it should be reassembled. Joking aside, the 90 ° rule applies to arms too;
  • You must be at least 60 cm away from your screen, and at the height of it (this avoids soliciting the muscles of the neck in one direction or another).

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