3 Great Sidearms for New Gun Owners


Many people are making the choice to purchase a handgun for personal or home safety. In doing this, they find there are a number of options available with many distinguishing features. A person needs to take into consideration the size of the weapon and how many rounds it can fire. Do they want a gun with a safety switch or perhaps one with multiple safety features? What size grip does the person need or, if intended solely for home defense, will the firearm need to be usable by multiple people? With so many variables, it is best to do as much research as possible to make an informed choice. Here are three great options for first-time gun owners. 

1. The Glock 

The Glock 19 is often a go-to weapon for both first-time owners. It is popular because of its simplicity, a minimalist design, and ease of shooting. For larger hands, the original full-size Glock 17 has a larger grip. 

2. The Springfield XDS 

Another reliable handgun is the Springfield XDS. This weapon is thinner than the Glock, making it an excellent choice for both defending a home or concealed carry. One notable feature is that the XDS’s safety is built into the grip so it is ready to go when grasped correctly. 

3. The Smith and Wesson 686 Revolver 

For those who prefer a revolver over a magazine loader, the Smith and Wesson 686 is the perfect tool for home defense. With a four-inch barrel, it is simple to aim and the double-action trigger allows for quick shooting when necessary. It is a bit too heavy to be used as a concealed weapon, but with either six or, in the 686 Plus, seven rounds available, a person would not feel under-prepared. 

 It can be difficult to know just which sidearm would be the best choice for a person. When choosing a gun for the first time, trying one of these options will get any first-timer on the right track. These options are also available for AR-10 rifles.

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