Guidelines For Floor Matting That Can Protect A Businesses Overhead

Floor Mats

It is tiring to run a business. It is a daunting task for business owners to protect their investments and ensure the well-being their employees. Few ways commercial matting can affect a company’s bottom line are discussed below. These mats can impact safety and health, appearance, and cleanliness of an organization.

Safety And Health

Customers will feel safer if they have their entrance mat properly placed. Business owners should not only be concerned about their customers. It is also important to recognize the health and well-being their employees. Employees can feel uncomfortable when they stand for prolonged periods on hard surfaces.

A common workplace saying is “When we feel better, our performance improves”. This is an indicator that employees’ comfort levels can impact other aspects of their performance. Employee attitude can have a significant impact on company morale, turnover, productivity and profit margin. Employees who are unhappy in any way will reflect on their work performance. This problem can be solved by investing in floor mats.


How the floors look is what gives customers their first impression of a company. Larger companies may have staff who clean their stores, but smaller businesses might not be able to maintain the same appearance.

It is impossible to quantify the cost of losing business due to a dirty shop floor. To stay afloat, most businesses rely on repeat customers for word-of-mouth referrals. Proper matting in your commercial space can give your business a positive image, which will lead to repeat clients and customers.

Cleanliness of the Facility

Dirt can get on the soles of shoes and be carried around. People often carry dirt around on their soles without realizing it. A floor mat placed at the entrance to your business will help reduce dirt drug.

They will also allow water to be stored. This will reduce dirt from getting into the facility and minimize slip-and-fall accidents. Properly placed mats will make it easy for guests to clean up any dirt or debris brought in from the outside and WaterHog Drainable Border Outdoor Mats will also help to keep the entrance clean and dirt free.

It is important to have quality

Every person who enters a business’ doors is responsible. The business owner is responsible for ensuring that customers and employees are safe within their premises.

Floor Mat Placement

The elements encountered will determine the placement of the floor mats. You should also consider seasonal factors such as rain, snow/ice and grease. These are the most popular areas for floor mats to be placed:

  • Areas for entrance – Front, back, side, and employee entrances
  • High-Risk areas: Beverage/coffee stations, ice machines, beverage/coffee stations and produce aisles. Prep sinks and kitchens should be surrounded by drainage holes to collect dirt, food, and other contaminants.
  • High traffic areas: Hallways, checkout stations, and other high-traffic areas lead from the kitchen.
  • Productivity areas – Workstations, customer service, etc.

Do not let your floors catch you slipping

If the floor mats aren’t placed in the right places, even a small amount of rain or snow can pose a serious risk. Employing a strict floor safety plan will help reduce risk for your employees and business.

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