Why Use Impact Windows in Your Home

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One of the best defenses is impact windows when protecting homes and businesses from storm damage. These types of windows are designed to absorb sudden shocks and protect interiors from winds, rain, and flying debris that can break through weaker window panels. The five following benefits explain why impact-resistant glazing is among the most popular forms of protection for homeowners and business owners:

1)     Strength

Impact glass has a resistance rating between 4 and 8 hours. That means it will hold up under high-velocity conditions caused by severe storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes. The strength of impact glass is attributed to its composition – consisting on average of four panes separated by air pockets which add rigidity against pressure. For instance, newer impact windows Stuart

can even contain an interlayer of flyash – a type of powdered ash capable of absorbing impacts.

2)     Durability

Impact-resistant glazing prevents damage to the contents of a building caused by flying debris, can endure wind velocities more significant than 100 miles per hour, and has water pressure up to 12 pounds per square inch (psi).

3)     Energy Efficiency

Glass with impact resistance is also more energy-efficient than older single- or double-pane windows because it comes with coatings that reflect heat away from buildings in the summertime and keeps warm air inside during the winter months. At reputable companies, such as impact windows Port St. Lucie-located, you can get state-of-the-art impact-resistant panels with multiple panes separated by argon gas, enhancing insulation even further.

4)    Security

The proper installation of impact windows can reinforce your existing doors to be much stronger than before. These windows usually consist of sturdy frames and strong material called laminate that locks into place when impacted. That makes your existing doors much more robust and more difficult to force open without making the entryway look unappealing at all.

4)     Provides Natural Lighting

One of the benefits of installing impact windows is that they provide an abundance of natural light by pouring sunlight through large openings. If you have small, dark rooms with only a few skylights or small windows, this will be great for you because it will help brighten up your home’s interior. It can also help lower your energy costs throughout the year due to less reliance on electricity to give you adequate lighting.

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