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The Differences Between Sectional Doors and Rolling Garage Doors in Winnipeg

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You have probably moved into your new home only to discover that the present garage door needs replacing. The good news is that you have many options to choose from, but with so many varieties available today, you are likely to get confused. The two main options you can choose from include overhead doors in Winnipeg and the typical Winnipeg garage doors that are a common feature in most homes. So, which one should you choose between an overhead door and a sectional garage door? Even as you look at your options, the most critical bit of the process involves finding a reliable provider of garage doors. Below we enlighten you on the differences and guide you on making the right choice.

Even though the terms garage doors and overhead doors are often used interchangeably as synonyms, a closer look at the two types of doors reveals that they have glaring differences. The main differences come about in terms of materials, installation procedures, durability, and pricing. Before we conclude and determine which one is the better garage door option for your home or business establishment, we shall explore the differences below.

Overhead doors, also commonly referred to as rolling steel doors, roll up into a coil to store the door above the opening. These doors are popularly used to enhance security against intruders and offer protection from the weather elements. This explains why overhead doors in Winnipeg are commonly used in the interior and exterior of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings. The overhead doors are also known as service doors or overhead coiling doors. Note that Winnipeg garage doors or sectional doors are made using lighter gauge materials. For instance, the 24” panels are 24 nominal gauge while the rolling steel doors are made using individual 3” slats of 18-22 gauge material. It is also worth noting that the guides of the sectional Winnipeg garage doors are roll-formed, available in 14 or 16 gauge.

With the option of heavy duty industrial and commercial grade rolling doors, you can expect the garage doors to last many decades with minimal maintenance requirements. The sectional doors, on the other hand, last fewer years and might require significant maintenance over the years.

One of the most attractive features of overhead doors in Winnipeg is their affordable nature. Even so, the heavy duty Winnipeg garage doors or rolling doors can save you tons of cash due to their low maintenance requirements as well as minimal service requirements.

When shopping around for the overhead doors in Winnipeg or the standard rolling garage doors, you should factor in the application, the initial purchase and installation costs. Do not forget to factor in the service and maintenance costs, as well. No matter how well your overhead doors or Winnipeg garage doors are installed, they are bound to wear out over time due to normal wear and tear. Consequently, the components, such as guides, torsion springs, and opener devices must be serviced on a regular basis. When you calculate these costs beforehand, you will get an idea of which door option is suitable for your garage. However, if you find the selection process somewhat confusing, do not hesitate to consult the specialists who offer the relevant services and products.

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