Home Project Ideas

Doors and Windows

Everybody loves a home project, whether it’s a little garden makeover, furniture upcycling or something more exciting like creating your very own home cinema, equipped with your very own home cinema projector. We’ve got projectors, garden makeovers, and more to keep you busy this summer.

Garden Makeover

A garden makeover can carry through the indoor is outdoor vibe, creating a great atmosphere in your home. A fantastic outdoor home project could be to create an outdoor living space underneath a pergola or canopy. Adding outdoor furniture, tables, lighting, rugs, and cushions is a real treat, and a great way to enjoy outdoor living. This home project idea has proven so popular over the last year that outdoor living has become a huge trend across the globe. Improving the appearance of your home both inside and outside will add value to your home and increase the value you have for your own home.

Home Cinema

Home cinemas are a fantastic home improvement project idea. Whether you’re watching your favourite blockbuster on the big screen or watching a big football game with your friends, there’s nothing better than sitting with your favourite people, drinks, and food watching the big screen from a projector. If you have the space for a snug, you can kit the room out with a projector, projector screen, comfy seating, side tables, blankets, and other snug accessories to tie the room in together.

Top tip: Buying a portable projector and screen means you can use the garden on a warm summers evening and make an outdoor cinema!

Making an Entrance

First impressions always count so it’s time to make an entrance, literally. Your front door entrance is key when setting the tone in your home. From the outside in if you can entirely transform your home in this mini home project. It’s time to up your homes curb appeal and jazz up your front door colour, front garden landscape and door hardware. You will make a lasting impression on those passing by or visiting your home. Taking the time to spruce your front entrance up makes for a lovely little home project for you to enjoy.


Upcycling has taken the world by a storm over the last year, from sanding to re-painting and changing cabinet hardware, these home projects are perfect for adding a touch of character and personalisation to your home. Upcycling is a fantastic way to keep yourself busy and upgrade your home on a budget.

Did you know? Upcycling is a fantastic way to support sustainability and avoid fast trends. You are reducing what goes into landfill, minimising uses of natural resources, minimising the volume of discarded materials, and reducing the need to up production rates.

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